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  • The Best Coffee Christmas Gifts

    for barista-style coffee. Buy Now (Amazon): £189.00 3) Sage Bean to Cup coffee machine Coffee beans to espresso in just one minute Buy Now: £10.99 2) Coffee Mug Warmer Know someone who makes a coffee, walks away, forgets, returns and Buy Now (Amazon): £21.99 Art 1) Coffee Definition Poster For those art lovers, or real coffee enthusiasts Buy Now: £4.00 2) Coffee Canvas Painting Need a gift for someone that adores coffee, but has all the

  • The Ultimate Lavazza Coffee Machines (2021)

    your knowledge on the variety of different machines that are available out there. 1) Modo Mio Jolie Coffee Dimensions- 222x217x331mm Power- 1250W Buy now (Amazon): £129.99 2) Modo Mio Jolie Coffee Machine If so that you can have any coffee you desire, cappuccino or risteretto. form home but still crave the rich coffee that the office provides? coffees, with three pre-measure doses and one unrestricted one.

  • Best Tasting and Cheapest Lavazza Coffee Pods

    Unlike some of the other coffee brands, Lavazza have made this a main focus recently and hasn't left Lavazza have a grading system on how intense their coffee pods are, up to and including 13/13 espresso The lungo coffee pods are to be mixed with more water to enrich the full experience. The lungo dolce pod is only an intensity 6 so perfect for the coffee newbies. If you are working from home this year we recommended investing in a little coffee machine to make you

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  • TheKitchenBlog: Reviews | Trends | Comparisons

    Post not marked as liked 3 Categories Food & Drink Coffee pods and sachets, cocktail kits, recipes Utensils Pots, pans, cutlery, knife sets, chopping boards Appliances Coffee machines, ovens, fridges, kettles

  • Music | TheKitchenBlog

    hours A very relaxing mix, perfect for sipping wine after a roast, or perhaps those Sunday morning coffees

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