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Top 9 Wood Polishes and Cleaners

If you have a lot of wooden cabinets in your home or even just a wooden kitchen table, you'll know it doesn't quite gloss up so as well as other surfaces and gathers dust like mad. Cleaning it with all purpose cleaner could potentially damage the wood over time, this is why it is important to purchase a good wood polish that keeps your furniture in top top shape. We have found a combination of different products available and hope that you can find one that will suit you.

Method Polish Spray

This easy to use Method spray will keep your wooden surfaces gleaming. Tough on dirt and stains but it is also beautifully smelling, with almond essence. Simply just spray and wipe, it is made from top quality glycerides so it doesn't leave a sticky residue on your countertops. This product is environmental friendly and cruelty free.

Buy now: £3.00

Pledge Polish Aerosol

A household favourite, Pledge polish has been around for years. Its aerosol can is beneficiary at applying an even quantity of foam over the surface, the downside is, it is hard to tell you are running low on it. This product is amazing at removing dust and leaving a silky finish. A reliable and trusted brand that is sure to get the job done.

Buy now: £1.00

Beeswax Polish

This natural traditional combination of beeswax restores life in tired wooden surfaces. This product isn't for everyday use, like the above listings, but for annual maintenance use. You have to make sure the wooden surface is dust free, apply the beeswax and wait 5 minutes before buffing it out. This product creates a sealant on the wooden surface that even causes accidental spillages to bead and run off, protecting your furniture.

Buy now: £8.95

Weiman Hardwood Polish

If you have wooden floors then you'll understand the headache that are scuff marks and faded panels. This hardwood polish will release you of the burden and rejuvenate hardwood floors. It helps remove scratches and aids buff it out to create a natural sheen. If you have a tire floor, give it some TLC and use this amazingly reviewed product.

Buy now: £15.99

Beeswax spray

If you liked the idea of the natural beeswax polish but wanted a more convenient way of incorporating that into you household cleaning routine, then you'll love this product. This product smells insane, with lavender and camomile essences it leave every guest jealous. Simply spray and wipe, this product leaves a beautiful gloss and a rich finish.

Buy now: £5.95

Aristowax Aerosol spray

Another household trusted name, the Aristowax aerosol is made from natural ingredients and is proud to be a non-silicone based product. This really is an excellent product that helps restore natural wood to its former glory. We would not recommend using this product on your wooden floors however as it does leave them a little slippery. This product is Mrs Hinch approved too!

Buy now: £5.95

Howard Orange Oil

This product stands out on the polish counter because it isn't made with beeswax, glycerol or silicone, but actually natural orange oils. It is fantastic at its job and also leaves your house smelling beautiful. If you have any antiques or unfinished woods than this is the product you are going to want to purchase. It is soft on the wood but leaves an awesome lasting shine.

Buy now: £17.99

Method wooden floor cleaner

Wooden floors shouldn't be agro to clean, and if you are looking for an everyday contender, Method has you sorted out. Simply squirt and mop, no bucket required. We love this simple design feature and wished that more companies would follow, no measuring out and diluting just straight up easy cleaning. This product is eco friendly and smells amazing.

Buy now: £2.99

Polish Wipes

If you are looking for something even easier and more convenient, than these polish wipes need to get into your basket. They are really large wipes and have enough liquid in them to wipe multiple surfaces. They don't leave long lasting shine but are perfect for removing dust and cleaning up in total.

Buy now: £4.55

Our Verdict

We absolutely love these products and if we could we would have them all. It really depends on the type of wood surfaces you have in your household. We are great fans of the Method products and they just smell beautiful for days.

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