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Wine Tools Every Self-Made Sommelier Craves

1) The Corkscrew

Most decadent wines are opened by removing the cork (we accept some are screw top- therefore will only need the mark one fist to open) and a corkscrew is the best way to draw that out. They can come in many different styles and shapes, that is why we are here to help guide you to the best one for your budget.

Low cost option:

This simple operating corkscrew is efficient and easy to use. Its 2-in-1 feature means that it also doubles up to be a bottle opener. making it suitable for opening beers as well. The black grip wings increases the comfort whilst using this device. All in all it is a great buy, and a perfect addition to your utensils drawer.

Buy it now: £7.99

High end option:

JosephJoseph compact wine opener has a very impressed sleek design. making it very practical for storing. Unlike the traditional wing-bar corkscrew (as mentioned above) this design uses a lever mechanism to open the wine of your choice. This product does not have any beer bottle opening properties, but it does have an integrated foil cutter for the top of the bottle.

Buy it now: £44.99

Techy Option:

Nanami has changed the game by introducing an electric bottle opener that will revolutionise your Friday nights. This simple mechanism, allows you to open a bottle of wine with just one hand, in 5 seconds. Less time faffing, more time entertaining and drinking. This Nanami product comes as part of a set, making it suitable for gifting.

Buy it now: £21.99

2) The Aerator

Aerating the wine improves the taste and smell especially in the younger wines. By exposing the wine to air, the undesirable volatile components such as the sulphites and carbon dioxide, therefore leaving the most flavoursome aromas and tastes.

Low cost option:

Hotders' Aerator is currently reduced and priced below £10, making it one of the most stylish affordable aerators around. Its stylish good looks, accompanied with its very own stand is what makes it a must have. You will notice the difference within a min.

Buy it now: £9.85

High end option:

If aerating you wine is the centrepiece that you have been searching for, this product is most definitely on for you. This six piece set has a dramatic appearance but is incredibly practical, changing the flavour of the wine in minutes. The stand makes it even easier for you to use, and reduces likely spillages throughout the night.

Buy it now: £59.75

Techy option:

This product is something we haven't really seen on the market before, its new magnetic technology has driven up our excitement, and hopefully has done the same for you. Just by attaching the aerator to the top of the bottle it will pump up the wine and aerate it in just seconds.

Buy it now: £32.99

3) The Decanter

Decanters have an important role to play in red wines. Red wines are renowned for having sediment in the bottom of them, so pouring it into a decanter can really help by filtering and somewhat removing the bitter flavours of the sediments.

Low cost option:

This decanter is easy on the eye, and will steal the show on your dinner table. Not only is it attractive but practical too, it can hold two bottles of wine and easily cleaned by rinsing with warm soapy water. Its easy pouring is another benefit to this premium glass decanter.

Buy it now: £12.09

High end option:

Le Chateau has created a top class crystal decanter that is set to improve the flavours and mouth feel of your favourite wines. This decanter can also hold two bottles of wine, its large base increases the surface area in contact with the oxygenated air, which is why it is a little more expensive. with thousands of 5 star reviews, we think the extra cost is worth it.

Buy it now: £38.95

Techy option:

vSpin has patented the first technologically advanced decanter and it is going to revolusionise the wine tasting industry. The electronic decanter aerates wine with a special vortex created by the electronic stand. It will improve the taste and smell of your wine in a much quicker time than traditional decanter. If you are a wine conniseur and want to be more adventurous this is the product for you.

Buy it now: £234.00

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