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Which Wine Glasses Are Best?

Whether you are hosting a party or just enjoy drinking from top of range glassware, this blog will set you up perfectly. There are so many different shapes and styles when it comes wine glasses that it can be somewhat confusing when you are determining which ones to use, this blog should help settle any queries.

Red Wine

Red wines are known to be more flavoursome and aromatic when they have been exposed to the oxygenated air. You are able to do this using a decanter but the type of glass you use does have an ongoing effect on the mouthfeel and taste. When the oxygen gets in contact with the wind, two things happen, evaporation and oxidation, these two processes can improve the quality of the wine. We recommend a wider bowl shaped glass for a red wine.

1) Luxbe - Crystal Wine Glasses

These wine glasses are crystal wine glasses, which mean the glass is thinner, making the drinking experience better. The best advantage to Luxbe is the size of these glasses, at 720ml they are one of the biggest you can get, without weighing too much.

Buy Now: £34.99

2) Elixir Red Wine Glasses

These red wine glasses are slightly smaller than previous (670ml), but better quality. These glasses are 100% lead free crystal which are hand blown by wine artisans, making the glasses thin and light! This is also a set of 4.

Buy Now: £33.97

White Wine

White wines do not need the same aeration as some of the red wines demand, and so their glass should too be of a different calibre and style. White wine is most usually served chilled and therefore a deeper thinner glass is more suited to retaining the cooler temperature of your favourite wine.

1) Elixir Glassware

Known for their craftsmanship, these Elixir glasses are beautifully shaped. These are 100% lead free crystal glasses, which is built with wine in mind. This specific product is comes in a set of 4, all having a 380ml capacity. Perfect for gifts, or yourself!

Buy Now: £31.97

Rose Wine

Rose wines can be served like white wines because both of the products do not require as much exposure to the oxygenated air as red wines. Hence it is possible that you could have the same glasses for both white and rose wines and no one could judge you, and you'll save money.

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Whether it is champagne, Prosecco or Cava serving up bubbles at party is majorly predetermined by the glass you serve it in. Bubbles should be served in flutes, tall thin glasses, this helps them stay chilled an