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Which is the Best Kitchen Roll? (7 brands)

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Kitchen towels are a staple in any kitchen cleaning routine, especially given the latest coronavirus pandemic. They are used for so many things, but predominately wiping down surfaces after using an all-purpose cleaner. When comparing paper towels it's important to consider the price, but also how effective they are when soaking up liquids and how thick they are. There is nothing worse than getting a flaky thin kitchen roll which makes cleaning more of a chore than it already is.

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1) Presto

Presto is Amazon's own brand which sells kitchen and toilet paper. We found their products really good, with the kitchen rolls being very good at absorbing liquids. At one of the cheapest on the market (1p per sheet) these rolls are certainly a bargain, and are even 100% chlorine-free, and made from responsible sources.


  • 12 rolls of 100

  • 3 ply

  • 100% chroline-free

  • price per sheet: £0.01

Buy Now: £16.45 (12 packs of 100)

2) The Cheeky Panda

A relatively new company, which has exploded in the UK, focusses on producing eco-friendly rolls by using natural and sustainable bamboo. These rolls are free from fragrance, chlorine, bleach and chemicals, and are really strong at soaking up liquids and cleaning down the surfaces. A perfect combination of price, quality and environmental.


  • 5 rolls of 200

  • 100% natural and sustainable bamboo

  • 100% chlorine, bleach, chemicals and BPA free

  • price per sheet: £0.02

Buy Now: £16.02 (5 rolls of 200)

3) Regina Blitz

A strong established brand which promotes very large sheets, Regina Blitz has been a household favourite for years. These sheets are one of the best at soaking, easily doing whole surfaces with one sheet!


  • 12 rolls of 70

  • 3 ply

  • price per sheet: £0.02

Buy Now: £16.25

4) Plenty

Plenty has been a household brand for decades, with their famous TV adverts. The perk of this brand is that they know what they're doing. The are the best on the market for cleaning up, we think. They are generously priced, and can be found across all retail stores. One sheet really is plenty!


  • 10 rolls of 80

  • price per sheet: £0.03

Buy Now: £22.99 (8 rolls of 100)

5) Gentille Giant

A brand we hadn't come across until doing our research, this is a remarkable product. Very similar quality to the others, but boasts responsible sourced materials. One advantage we found is that the smaller sheet per roll size (66) meant the kitchen roll used less space on the surface and drawers. However, it did mean replacing them more frequently. Overall, great value for money, worth the try!


  • 12 rolls of 66

  • made exclusively in the UK

  • price per sheet: £0.02

Buy Now: £14.99 (12 rolls of 66)

6) Fiesta

This is amazons choice, and for good reason! This brand holds all the usual benefits (such as ink free) but we found them to be really absorbent, and they didn't get too wet and flake away in your hand. Cleaning the surfaces was a pleasure with these rolls.


  • 12 rolls of 100

  • ink free and sustainably sourced

  • price per sheet: £0.02

Buy Now: £24.70 (12 rolls of 100)

7) Kirkland Signature

Finally, Kirkland kitchen rolls. Kirkland is a private label brand which is owned by Costco. As a result, this towels are more professional and could be used in restaurants. They are generously sized and reasonably priced. They are only 2 ply, however.


  • 12 rolls of 80

  • 2 ply

  • price per sheet: £0.02

Buy Now: £23.48 (12 rolls of 80)

Our Verdict

Overall, every product we've mentioned is the amazing. They're all roughly the same price, and they are all super absorbent. Our favourites was the Cheeky Panda because of their story and business concept, but the best for pure utility was Presto!

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