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Which Freestanding Washing Machines is Best for You? 2020

Washing machines are needed for everyday life, whether it be washing your bedding, clothes or towels. You might think that all washing machines are the same, and although you're partly correctly, there are some big differences between models and brands. Given they can easily last 5+ years and do 1000+ washes, we think it's worth investing into a good washing machine and enjoy the best.

1) Indesit My Time EWD71452W

If you want a washing machine which does the job, and is reasonably priced then this is the perfect compromise.

At just 7kg, this is a slightly smaller machine than others, but perfect for couples, or small families. The machine has a powerful 1400rpm spin speed, with 16 wash programmes, all whilst keeping to an A++ energy rating.

We did find this machine slightly louder than others though. Overall, a great bargain.

Buy Now: £209.00

2) Bosch WAJ24006GB Serie 2 Freestanding Washing Machine

This machine from Bosch does exactly what it needs to do. This freestanding machine can hold 7KG which is plenty for a small family or couples, and has a spin of 1200RPM.

The two best features we loved about this machine is that a) you can add items whilst a load is still occurring (we've all forgotten the odd sock or towel!) and b) this machine doesn't vibrate much. Even more so, if you to your washing at night, this is perfect for you!

Buy Now: £329.00

3) Hoover DWOA411AHC8B Freestanding Dynamic Next Washing Machine

If you're looking for something really big and powerful, then this 11kg load and 1400rpm machine from Hoover is the one for you. This machine is suited for large families, and has clever KG mode where it will weight the contents and adjust the time accordingly.

This machine even has stain level options, and a Hygiene+ mode whereby all bacteria are killed. All of this, whilst being A+++ rated! For under 400 pounds and under 50 decibels, it seems too good to be true, but promise, it's real!

Buy Now: £339.99

4) Miele WSG363 Freestanding Washing Machine

This washing machine from Miele (an amazing German luxury kitchen brand) is one of the best on the markets. Due to the amazing german engineering, this machine is exceptionally quiet whilst having a 9kg load and 1400rpm spin. This machine really is built with the best materials and craftsmanship, and even comes with a 10 year parts and labour warranty.

This clever machine can connect to your phone, automatically re-order detergent and offer rapid cleaning in under an hour. This machine also has a intuitive easy-to-use user interface.

Buy Now: £999.00

5) Samsung WW90K6414QX Freestanding Smart Washing Machine

Finally, we have quite an impressive machine from Samsung. This smart machine has the usual features, such as 9kg load weight (enough for a family), and 1400rpm spin (enough for everything) but it has some features which really set this machine apart.

Firstly, their 'Addwash' feature, meaning you can add detergent during a wash (incase you forgot to or want more!) and can be remotely controlled via your smartphone. This machine also benefits from Eco-bubble technology which really froths up your wash and definitely gives your clothes a deep clean.

We personally love the graphite colour the machine comes with, which definitely suits darker kitchens or utility rooms.

Buy Now: £569.00

Our Verdict

Our absolute favourite is Samsung's WW90K6414QX. We think their design and quality is amazing for the money. Their app was one of the best when connecting with smartphones and we loved their design.

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