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The Best Bin Category Review 2020

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

This is not a product you will necessarily think about repurchasing, but it is definitely one you use multiple times each and every day. There are so many on the market all with slightly different perks and advantages. Hopefully this blog will widen your perspectives on the variety of bins on the market, and that you could upgrade and tweak your kitchen. Perhaps you're buying a new property, fancy a new bin, or just curious on the types of bins.

Best Foot Pedal

Foot Pedal Bins are the most basic bins, but sometimes offer the largest capacity for the cheapest price. Simply push down with your foot on the pedal, and the lid opens.

1) Amazon Basics Rectangle - 5L, 12L, 30L, 50L

Despite being an Amazon Basics, this product really is amazing value for money. This bin is made from a stainless steel sheet, which is reinforced with a heavy-duty plastic interior bucket. This provides a great deal of strength, and certainly isnt a flimsy product. The sizes available are 5L, 12L, 30L, and 50L, meaning it can fit in any kitchen. Overall, a great bargain.

Amazon Basics rectangle stainless steel bin for the kitchen 50L capacity

Buy Now: £12.99 - £56.99

2) Brabantia Pedal Bin (12L/20L/30L)

Brabantia have made a very traditionally shaped circular bin, which comes in so many different colour options, it will fit any kitchen! even red! We have the mineral dark grey colour and it's beautifully built with high quality materials. Brabantia even do their own bin liners which perfectly complement the size of the capsule. Brabantia are so sure of their quality, that they even offer a 10 year guarantee.

Brabantia Pedal Bin square or rectangle

Buy Now: £44.89 - £98.00

Best Sensored

Sensored bins are a great use of technology, and really do revolutionise the bin experience. Sensored bins are perfect for when your hands are full or dirty, due to their touchless operation, and simply require a wave to open. Usually, the bin lids close after 5 seconds of inactivity.

1) Morphy Richards Kitchen Bin, Round or Square, 50L

Our favourite is the Morphy Richards bin, which comes in a round or square design. Both are 50L and have non-corrosive polished steel, which buff up really well when cleaning! The only downside to sensor bins is that they require batteries (in this case AA).

Morphy Richards Kitchen Bin, stainless steel with sensor and touches operation, round or square, 50L

Buy Now: £59.99

Best Compartmented

Compartment bins are amazing for those who like to separate their recycling from their recycling, or their food waste from their normal waste. They offer a lot more flexible from the customer and promote recycling.

1) Morphy Richards Kitchen Bin

Another product from Morphy Richards, and with good reason. This bin is also built with quality in mind, and offers a 75L capacity. The top bin is 50l, and the bottom bin can be used as one 25L, or two 12.5L sections. This product comes in four colour options, which are all relatively neutral so can fit most kitchens. The only downside is that if you recycle large amounts you'll have to replace the bags very frequently. Also, it can be difficult to find small recycling bags.

Morphy Richards Kitchen Bin, square which has compartments, 75L, great for recycling

Buy Now: £148.46

2) VonHaus Recyling Bin - 34L

If you want something cheaper, or smaller, then VonHaus make a perfect compartment bin. This bin is also made from stainless steel which a 34L capacity. Despite not being a popular household brand, this bin is built well! The only downside is that the bottom capsule slides out when you push down with your feet, so it can sometimes be hard to use with bags. Overall, however, still a fantastic bin for the money.

VonHaus Recycling bin, 34L

Buy Now: £64.99

Best Luxury Bin

1) Joseph & Joseph

The epitome of luxury brands in the kitchen world, Joseph & Joseph. They have one again created a beautifully well engineering product, which somehow beats every competitor. Their products are always made from the best quality, in this case a powder coated stainless steel body which even has odour filter compartment to prevent smells from leaking. This specific product is a compartment bin, with 36 L top draw, and 24 L bottom draw. The product comes in 3 colour options.

Joseph Joseph Luxury compartment bin with odour filter

Buy Now: £176.06

If you wanted to match, why not buy their specific food waste caddy bin which offers the same functionality as normal waste bins, but comes with an odour filter and a lovely polypropylene body and a bin bag ring, to prevent the bag from overlapping.

Joseph Joseph food waste caddy with odour filter

Buy Now: £29.99

Our Verdict

Like with all things, you get what you pay. If you want to experience the awesome engineering and brand of Joseph & Joseph, go for it. But, you can probably achieve the same functionality from the Morphy Richards compartment bin. All in all, it depends on your kitchen and budget. But, hopefully our blog helped you narrow down some options.

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