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The Ultimate Veganuary Essentials Checklist 2021

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Veganuary may be the challenge you are looking to embark on to start 2021, if you are like us, you may need a little guidance into what you can and can't eat in the January to come. In this blog we will talk you through some of the product substations and any additional appliances that can help you get through that.


Best vegan cook book - BOSH!

You can get unbelievable recipes from this book that are 100% plant based and you just wouldn't know. This book was created by two great friends that just show their love for food through their tantalising recipes, they also are very active on social media so get following them to get an insight into what they have to offer. They have multiple books so that you can pick the best BOSH to suit you.

Buy now (Amazon): £7.99

Spiralized Veg

Some dried pasta is vegan but most of the fresh past contains egg, and therefore isn't vegan. If you are looking for an alternative for having fresh "pasta" then you are going to need a spiralizer. We found spiralling courgette, butternut squash and sweet potato are great accompaniment for your favourite pasta sauces.

Buy now (Amazon): £9.60


Eggs are definitely out of the book this January if you are looking to join many others in turning Vegan. Finding an alternative may prove difficult at times, so we have sourced it for you. Its taste is unparalleled to regular egg yolks, and can provide the eggy flavour you desire as well as the consistency for dipping for your toast soldiers.

Buy now (Amazon): £12.98

Vegan sweets

Now not all sweets are vegan, so if you are ready to throw yourself into the deep end and fully commit even if it means not having your favourite sweet all month, then we have found the ultimate sweet brand for you. Candy Kitten is founded by Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing, and is stocked worldwide. Most people have enjoyed their sweets without even reading they are vegan and palm oil free.

Buy now (Amazon): £1.00

Vegan Chocolate

NOMO is known for its top class quality chocolate. This 3 pack of Vegan chocolate is an absolute steal. If you have any allergens then this is a fantastic product to invest in.

Buy now (Amazon): £12.85

Vegan Instant coffee

Do not think that you are going to be left out when it comes to your morning coffee dash because Nescafe have created vegan instant sachets just for you. Instead of dried ordinary milk, Nescafe have different varieties in coconut, almond and oat.

Buy now (Amazon): £12.00

Vegan Alcohol

Some of you may not realise that most alcoholic beverages aren't naturally vegan, a lot of spirits are but beer and wines have animal products used in their filtration process. It can be rather confusing when sourcing out the perfect drink for an occasion, so we have sourced a few of our favourite vegan alternatives to help you.

If you are looking to celebrate with some bubbles this January then this Thomson Scott Prosecco will do the trick. 100% vegan and truly delicious.

Buy now (Amazon): £17.16

Sipsmith Gin is a global brand that was founded in London, it has been praised for its taste and smoothness for decades, and it is naturally 100% vegan.

Buy now (Amazon): £15.89

Another popular brand that is vegan without boasting about it. Absolut Vodka is one of may that is naturally 100% vegan. So, shot away.

Buy now (Amazon): £18.00

The vegan lifestyle may start off temporary in January but if you stick to it then know by the time summer comes and you want to enjoy a cold corona, well you can guilty free.

Buy now (Amazon): £24.00

Often it is nice to accompany a dish with a top quality bottle of wine, if you are having guests over and wanted to show them that vegan wine is just as amazing, then this is the bottle for you.

Buy now (Amazon): £15.75

This trendy wine set is fantastic gift set but is also a must have to have stored in the cupboard for that vegan treat every now and then.

Buy now (Amazon): £36.00

Our Verdict

Veganuary may seem like a daunting challenge at the very start, but the best thing to do is jump in at the deep end and get fully involved. We hope this blog will help you take the first few steps to a plant-based lifestyle.

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