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University Student Kitchen Essentials!

Now, I've just spent the last three years of my life at university and I've lived in three different apartments/houses, so I'd like to think I know a fair amount when it comes to what you need! Besides all the usual items (laptops, clothes, chargers, etc) there might be some you don't know you need or even those that you didn't realise you'd need. This blog should help you decide what you need, and be warned this isn't an exhaustive list - there will be more stuff you need. Not everyone will need all of this, and you may decide to share some items amongst friends (i.e if you're sharing a house).

1) Pots & Pans

Another essential for any kitchen (obviously!). Now, you're going to need to check beforehand what type of hob you have, whether its induction or gas. If its gas, then the Amazons Basic range below is perfect for that. It's an 8 piece set (or 15 if you want that) which will enable you to cook pretty much any meal. They come with the relevant lids and are the best on the market, all for under £40. You're not going to want fancy pots and pans, trust me, they will get scratched up, burnt, or broken.

Product Includes:

- 2 pans

- 3 pots

- 3 glass lids

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Now, if you live in an apartment then you'll most likely have induction (as per regulations). If so, then we recommend Velaze 8 piece set. This is pretty much the cheapest on the market, and we think its great value for money. Most induction pot sets are well over £100, however, these are under £50. They are super easy to clean and aren't too heavy either.

Product Includes:

- 3 pots

- 3 lids

- 2 pans

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2) Utensils

Now to actually cook with your lovely new pots and pans, you'll want utensils. You can spend ages online trying to find everything you need, but we found a fantastic 40-piece set that will have everything a student could ever need (and more!). All are dishwasher proof too (not that youll have one of those, and if you do then you're a lucky student).

Product Includes:

- Pizza cutter

- Whisker

- 2 forks

- 4 types of turners

- cooking tongs

- potato masher

- 3 types of ladle

- 3 types of spatula

- grater

- 5 measuring spoons and 5 cups

- can opener and garlic crusher

- scissors and bottle opener

- corkcscrew

- scraper set

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3) Chopping Boards

To prepare all your food on, you'll need chopping boards. We recommend Vicloon's cutting board. They really are the best on the market for this price range. There are a few cheaper but they're really thin and really bad. It's good to invest a little bit more to get good quality boards which will last the entire 3 years. The product is under £15 and includes 3 choppings boards.

Product Includes:

- 3 chopping boards

- 40.2cm by 24.2cm

- 31.8cm by 20cm

- 25.2cm by 15cm.

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4) Knife Set

In order to prepare your food on your newly bought chopping boards, you will need some good knives. This product by Morphy Richards is very well priced and the quality is astonishing. The 5 piece set will be enough to prepare any student meal and, trust me, they are very sharp. The overall build quality is really good (as you'd expect from Morphy Richards) and it comes with a nice stand too! You can even choose from 6 colours (black, titanium, silver, cream red or copper) all for £35. Bargain!

Product Includes:

- 7.5cm paring knife

- 12.5cm utility knife

- 20cm bread knife

- 20cm chef knife

- 20cm slicing knife

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5) Plates/ Bowls

Now, to eat all your lovely food on (see the structure here) you'll want plates. This is very much a personal taste topic, some prefer patterns, some prefer solid colours, some prefer lips and some dont. Therefore, I'm not going to tell you the best product as that is very subjective, instead, suggest the cheapest options for those on a budget. Amazon Basic's 18-piece set is the best value for money. For under £35 what you get is unbelievable. The quality is amazing, in terms of they may easily crack if you knock it, but they're perfect for students.

Product Includes:

- 6x dinner plates

- 6x dessert plates

- 6x bowls

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6) Blender

Having a blender is essential for any kitchen. It's perfect for those who like smoothies, milkshakes or even cocktails. Blenders can be used in so many different ways and aren't that expensive. Breville have a fantastic product which is under £25. Their blenders come in various colour options (black, blue, green, grey and pinkP and is very powerful. The blender is perfect for one portion (0.6L) and is super easy to clean.

Product Includes:

- Blender

- Bottle

- Lid for Bottle

- Blade for Bottle

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7) Tupperware

One of the biggest issues when cooking for one is portion sizes. Most products in supermarkets are suitable for 2 or 4 peoplle, and therefore it's extremely inefficient for students. One way around this (and probably the only way) is using tuppawear boxes so put leftovers in for the next day. In doing so, it saves you time the next day for lunch and saves you money. We recommend AmazonBasic's 6 piece storage set, which will be more than enough. These boxes are microwave and dishwas safe and can be put in the fridge or freezer, all for under £13.

Product Includes:

- 1 large box

- 3 medium boxes

- 2 smaller boxes

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8) Cutlery Organiser

Now, you're going to want to store all your utensils and cutlery in a draw. The best way to do this is via an organiser. There are loads available, but we really recommend Addis' 6 compartment organiser. This amazing product comes in two colours (grey or green) and is fitted with rubber bottoms so it doesn't slip around. It's super easy to clean and very versatile, all for £8.

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9) Hoover

Lastly, you'll want to get a hoover to clear up any mess you make (as well as all the relevant cleaning products)! You might want to double-check if your place has a hoover included. Most rented accommodation does, but if they don't you're going to want something cheap and practical. You won't need a fancy hoover, just something to hoover up dust, food, We recommend the TACKlife hoover. It's not the prettiest or the best in terms of build quality, but it's very powerful and does the job. Its a wet and dry vacuum too, for £40!

Product Includes:

- 2x extensions tubes

- 5m power cord

- Dust Filter bag

- small round burhs

- small flat suctoion

- long floor brush

- hose storage rack

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10) Speaker

Usually, the kitchen/Lounge doubles up as a pre-drinking area in most student houses and therefore a speaker is essential. Whether you want to listen to music whilst you cook, a podcast whilst you work or the radio whilst you pre-drink, a Bluetooth speaker is a must-have. Now, it's very easy to spend lots of speakers with fancy tech, but if you're looking for pure sound quality for money then the Anker is the one for you. This little product is very reasonably priced at £30 and has amazing sound quality (both bass and high notes). Its also has a rechargeable battery built-in, meaning you can take it on the go (ie to different rooms and houses). There's nothing that compares to it, and we highly recommend this. Just don't annoy your neighbours or housemates!

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Our Verdict

Overall, you won't need all of these, or you might already have some of these. But it's a list we compiled to help those who have no idea. These products selected are very much the 'basic' range in terms of price and quality, but are perfect for student life. You might decide to upgrade and purchase better quality stuff, or even stuff not on this list but we hope we helped you out, and good luck with any future studying!

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