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Ultimate Guide to Floor Cleaning

There is nothing better than a beautifully smelling kitchen floor which emanates around the whole house. Whether you use a machine, your typical mop, or a clever spray mop, there are a few different options when it comes to floor cleaning. As a rough guide, we would suggest cleaning the floors with chemicals once a week, however, due to the latest coronavirus pandemic, we have upped ours to twice a week.

1) Vileda SuperMocio Mop and Bucket Set

The most basic and traditional floor cleaner method, a mop and bucket. They are cheap, easy, durable and effective. We found this Vileda product better than competitors due to the stronger bucket (thicker plastic) and good quality (microfibre and cotton) mop. The bucket has a 10L capacity too, meaning big floors can be cleaned.

Buy Now: £18.00

2) Vileda Turbo Microfibre Mop and Bucket Set

This Vileda Turbo is a slightly better mop and bucket set, due to the the spinning functionality of the bucket wringer, which dries the mop very well. This bucket is more capable, given the thicker bucket, the thick strong handle and the fact that the mop is extendable and machine washable. A perfect solution cleaning the floor.

Buy Now: £27.39

3) Vileda 1-2 Spray Microfibre Flat Spray Mop with Extra Microfibre Refill Pad

The downside to mops is that they are heavy, time consuming and quite intense. If you wanted something a lot lighter and mobile, then the Vileda 1-2 spray is the perfect product. This clever product has a microfibre pad, a spray and a chemical compartment. This allows the microfibre mop to be sprayed and cleaned, simultaneously, with any chemical you want. This is a perfect quick cleaning solution, to be used every other day, or inbetween the mop and bucket. Extra pads can be purchased too, or machine washed.

Buy Now: £29.99

4) FLASH Powermop Starter Kit All-In-One Dual Spray Mop + 10 Pads

Similar to the spray mop, this Powermop by Flash, allows an effective but convenient cleaning method. The Powermop has a chemical reservoir, and two spray nozzles which is operated via the electronic button. Instead of using microfibre pads, this product uses absorbent pads which, coupled with their flash solution, work really well against stubborn dirt or grease.

Buy Now: £22.00

5) Mastertop Floor Mop and Bucket Set Sponge Mop with 3 Mop Head

This innovative design provide you with not only a sleek compact mop that will fit into any flat or house, but it also gives your floors a thorough clean. Similar to the Vileda designs, there is no separation between clean and dirty water, therefore we recommend emptying and changing the water with every room change. This product from Mastertop uses clever engineering, you pull on the slip grip handle and the sponge will bend into itself, and ring out the excess water so that you are not drenching your floors.

Buy Now: £29.99

6) Kärcher FC5 Hard Floor Cleaner, Yellow, 460 W

A much more expensive option, the Kärcher FC5. This product utilises rollers, which simultaneously vacuum and wash the floor. The Kärcher can be used on tile, hard floor, stone, laminate or wood, with a dry time of just 2 minutes! One thing we loved about this is the straight edged rollers, which allow the corners and skirting boards to be cleaned effortlessly. The machine even stores dirty water from cleaner water, meaning your floors are consistently being washed with clean chemicals.

Buy Now: £179.99

7) Shark S6003UK Klik n' Flip Smartronic Deluxe Mop

Shark have essentially merged mop technology and steam cleaning technology to produce one of the best machines on the market. Although this product does not vacuum like the Kärcher, this mop perfectly cleans up floors. The microfibres included are double sided and very good quality. We absolutely loved this product.

Buy Now: £149.99

Our Verdict

Overall, we absolutely love Vileda. Their brand and products focus on floor cleaning and they have the best utility products. However, they don't use fancy technology and will only do the most basic clean. If you are looking for a more in-depth clean, the Kärcher FC4 is the best product for you, which makes cleaning the floors fun, believe it or not.

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