• Toby

100+ Christmas Kitchen Gift Ideas (December 2020)

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Christmas (and the cold!) is fast approaching, and that means present hunting! Whether you're reading this in November (I'm impressed) or if you're reading this late December, don't worry, we're here to help!

Finding the perfect present can sometimes be really difficult, especially if they 'have everything'. Kitchen gifts can make some of the best presents, especially those that enjoy cooking, baking, drinking or eating! They often are used all the time, and last years.

This blog is designed to show you 100+ products which are all amazing for the kitchen and make great Christmas presents. For your convenience, we've structured this post into different price ranges, so you can instantly find something in your budget.

Under £10

1) Locisne 8 in 1 Kitchen Tool

This 8-in-1 kitchen tool is a perfect utensil all rounder, meaning you don't need to buy everything separately. This product is capable of juicing lemons, separating eggs or even opening cans - this is an essential kitchen gift for anyone who enjoys cooking or baking.

Buy Now (Amazon): £7.99

2) Personalised Bamboo Chopping Board

Personalised gifts are always a winner at Christmas, especially this chopping board made from bamboo. Not only is this product eco-friendly, but great quality (both thick and large) and can be used for all sorts, whether it be preparing your vegetables, cutting bread or even slicing cheese.

Buy Now (Amazon): £9.99

3) New Jar Opener

This clever product is perfect for the elderly, young or even someone who struggles to open jars. This lid opener can open any jar and gives you 10x more strength (due to the pivot). No more asking others or using a tea towel! A cool kitchen utensil which will come in handy every week!

Buy Now (Amazon): £8.99

4) Glowing Gin Infusing Kit

This fantastic present from Sandy Leaf Farm Store allows users to make their own infused gin, which glows! A fantastic idea, which has the complete kit inside the box, all you need is to simply buy some vodka and mix the botanicals. Perfect all those gin lovers out there!

Buy Now (Amazon): £7.99

5) Labota 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer/Cutter

Whether it be making avocado on toast, or making your own guacamole, this little gadget will really come in handy! This product makes cutting, slicing and storing avocados so easy and is an ingenius utensil to have in the drawer.

Buy Now (Amazon): £9.99

6) KitchenCraft Plastic 10 Measuring Cups

Measuring cups are a must-have in the house, whether over Christmas you will be using them to create perfect bakes or measuring out a shot of your favourite seasonal spirit this set has it all. The one thing we really like about this product is that it has "cup" measurements, which are being seen more and more with online recipes. These cups are presented in a lovely bundle and made from high-quality plastic

Buy Now (Amazon): £5.95

7) Sandy Leaf Farm: Make Your Own Cheese

Everybody loves cheese, right? Why not treat someone to their own make your own kit! This kit is super easy to follow, and allows you to make mozzarella, ricotta, burrata, goat or mascarpone (all which can be fully customised) to your desire. A fun and tasty present.

Buy Now (Amazon): £7.99

8) Funny Coffee Mug

Know a coffee or tea lover? This gift is perfect for them! By far the winner of the funniest mug award 2020 , this 'stay in, drink booze, fatten the curve' mug. A safe bet present for any household, at a very reasonable price too!

Buy Now (Amazon): £6.99

9) Kitchen Elements Silicone Ice Ball and Cube Moulds

Calling all whiskey lovers! Treat your friends to a genius product from Kitchen Elements. Each tray makes 6 large square or ball ice cubes, which really do enhance your spirits. Can be used for yoghurt, jelly, and many more!

Buy Now (Amazon): £9.99

10) Wagamama: Feed Your Soul

Wagamama is a restaurant sensation in the UK, with their healthy Asian style foods. Why not recreate these meals at home and learn the recipes! A perfect cookbook for anyone into cooking and exploring cultural and good tasting food!

Buy Now (Amazon): £10.00


11) Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Have parents or friends who love their red wine? Why not treat them to a wine aerator pourer. This product instantly adds air to the wine, enhancing the flavours, meaning you don't need to decant your wine for hours!

Buy Now (Amazon): £12.75

12) üutensil Stirr Automatic Pan Stirrer

Fed up of stirring your pan contents? Introducing this amazing fully automatic pan stirrer. Perfect for soups, your Christmas gravy and even in a bowl with pancake batter. We loved the fact that you can step away from the kitchen side, to enjoy the delights of Christmas without panicking that your cheese sauce is going to burn to the pan.

Buy Now (Amazon): £18.99

13) Crystal Whiskey Glass and Ice set

This unique gift would be perfect for any of those sophisticated individuals amongst your family and friends. This gift set includes one outstanding crystal whisky glass but also an ice mould that will create the perfect sphere to accompany the whiskey.

Buy Now (Amazon): £16.95

14) Morphy Richards Kitchen Scales (3-in-1)

Treat a fellow baker to this wonderful Morphy Richards 3-in-1 kitchen scale set. Capable of measuring any content with any metric with superior accuracy (down to 1g). This also doubles down as a bowl, which is machine washable. A win win!

Buy Now (Amazon): £19.99

15) Electric Potato Peeler

No one likes peeling potatoes, right? Especially over the Christmas period, potatoes are a staple! Treat someone to this amazing clever machine which will outsource your peeling, making it far quicker and better! A great device for any kitchen.