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Ultimate Christmas Equipment Checklist 2020

Christmas can be a stressful enough time as it is, especially if you are cooking for guests. We have curated a Christmas equipment checklist so that you are not running round like a headless turkey and dashing to the shops to locate an item that sold out weeks before. We hope this list will help you get organised in the run up towards the big day as well as spark some new ideas for festive holiday cooking.

1) The Turkey Pan

The main event of the Christmas dinner has to be the turkey. It has to be cooked perfectly through so it is still moist in the centre. Its tradition in our household that we only have turkey once a year, that being Christmas, and every year we have to find a baking tray big enough to fit our bird. We recommend Masterclass Roasting Tray, it is perfect for the turkey as it is deep enough to avoid spillages but also its non-stick Teflon coating. It is made from hard anodised aluminium so evenly roasts your food for that perfect crispy finish, it also means it is rather durable so should last for Christmas yet to come.

Buy now (Amazon): £36.95

2) Basting Equipment

If you want your turkey to have that beautiful shiny glaze and be full of flavour on every bite you are going to have to set a time to baste it every 30 minutes. There are two ways to baste a turkey, you can either use a syringe or a brush. We like to use a combination but is unto to you on which you find is easier.

Buy now (Amazon): £3.50

Buy now (Amazon): £7.99

3) Meat thermometer

To ensure a moist turkey the key is to not overcook it, it sounds easier than it is, but with a meat thermometer you can achieve perfection every time. Habor have created a fantastic thermometer that can give a surprisingly accurate reading in under 5 seconds. The long probe also makes it ideal for checking that the centre of the meat is thoroughly cooked, you don't want to poison anyone, especially with your turkey.

Buy now (Amazon): £8.49

4) Tin foil

Now once that bird is cooked you are going to want to let it rest before carving it the best way to do that is by wrapping it in tin foil. Same goes for all the food that is ready just before serving, by wrapping them up you help them retain heat.

Buy now (Amazon): £1.25

5) Serving dishes and spoons

Now Christmas is definitely an excuse to go all out and be fancy, how about treating yourself and your guest to beautifully designed serving dishes and spoons. this high-quality square serving dish is an item that you may by to impress people at Christmas but in reality can be used for all sort all year around.

Buy now (Amazon): £6.99

The Serving spoons are very elegant and in fact a must have at Christmas when you are splitting the spuds and spooning up some red cabbage. We like this set of three as these are made from durable stainless steel but the mirror polish makes them look increasingly premium.

Buy now (Amazon): £7.49

6) Carving Equipment

Back to the main event, the turkey. It is definetly a tradition in the movies that the man of the house will carve the turkey, but in reality it is always a bit of a hassle and no one volunteers. If you have the right knife for it though, carving the turkey seems less of a chore.

Buy now (Amazon): £15.97

An ordinary kitchen fork will not do when it comes down to the art of carving that luscious bird. We favour the two-prong fork as it has long enough prongs to hold the meat fully in place, and it provides you with more control over your carving.

Buy now (Amazon): £3.99

The board you carve the meat of choice on seems rather unimportant compared to the rest of the items, this being having the best one possible will just make life that little bit easier. We love this JosephJoseph product because it has everything we need from a chopping board. It collects the meat juices so the don't spill all over the side, it has the spiked prongs to secure the meat in place and it is multi-purpose.

Buy now (Amazon): £14.00

7) Gravy boat

Gravy is a necessity on a Christmas dinner and so is bread sauce, thats why we want to make sure that you have enough gravy to satisfy. We love these ceramic serving jugs are very elegant and at the moment a true bargain.

Buy now (Amazon): £6.95

8) Colander

Whether it is your spuds or greens, all your vegetables are going to need to be strained. Most will already have a working colander in their household, but if you haven't or just wanted to upgrade we found some fantastic options. Colanders are known to be bulky and hard to store, that why we love this innovative design that allows you to collapse them for storage.

Buy now (Amazon): £6.95

9) Yorkshire pudding tray

Perhaps 2020 is the year you will make your own fresh Yorkshire puddings and if you are planning on doing that, it is essential that you have the correct equipment. We love this ProChef tray, with the correct recipe you are guaranteed perfect puds every time. The only issue we have with this is that you can only do four at a time, looks like we will be purchasing a couple.

Buy now (Amazon): £5.99

10) Peeler

With a passion I hate peeling spuds, I am just too slow and find it quite boring, if you are like me you are probably wondering if there is a quicker more efficient method, well there is. We stumbled across this electric peeler that does it all for me. It definitely takes the stress out of roast dinner prep, and is actually quite fun.

Buy now (Amazon): £20.78

11) Scales

Desserts or the main, there are always ingredients that need to be measured out accurately. We love our Salter scale set, it has lasted us for years and with a 15-year warranty it is set to last us many more.

Buy now (Amazon): £9.00

12) Food processor

If you are planning to make your own cranberry sauce this year or even forward-thinking about what to do with those left-over veggies, you are going to want a food processor. Russel Hobbs is known for creating top quality kitchen appliances, and this food processor is no exception. It comes with a variety of attachments that are also dishwasher safe. Making a soup on Boxing Day with the leftovers will be a walk in the park with this machine.

Buy now (Amazon): £49.50

13) Blow torch

When it comes down to fun you can have in the kitchen I think using a blow torch to finish off the cauliflower cheese or even adding extravagance to lighting the Christmas pud tops it all. We love to use ours on the creme brûlée top. This Cadrim blow torch can reach a remarkable 1300C at just a click of a button, so make sure you only let adults use it.

Buy now (Amazon): £14.99

14) Cheese Board

Christmas would not be complete without devouring a cheese platter even though you are already full to the brim. We have found some wonderful cheese boards that will impress your guests on the day. Made from Bamboo this cheese board/platter is a bargain.

Buy now (Amazon): £14.99

15) Wine glasses

Now when hosting a Christmas party, you have to make sure you have enough wine glasses. We have found our favourite to suit each different beverage:

Red wine

In this Krosno set you'll get, 6 crystal wine glasses with a large surface area which is known to improve the oxidation and flavour of the red wine.

Buy now (Amazon): £31.99

White wine

A little bit slimmer you have the white wine glass, in this set you'll also receive 6 crystal glasses.

Buy now (Amazon): £17.99


These beautifully curated tulip flutes are almost too pretty to use, they will definitely impress your guests. There are 6 glasses in this set too.

Buy now (Amazon): £28.60

16) Serviettes

Christmas serviettes and napkins make that dinner just a little bit more special. There are so many different designs out there that you can choose from but we thought we would share our favourite. This pack of 60 may seem a little obscene but buying in bulk is cheaper and you never know home many spillages there will be, especially later into the evening.

Buy now (Amazon): £6.99

17) Christmas crackers

This is definitely one item on the Christmas table that you will not be able to find on the scramble around the supermarket the night before. Make sure you are stocked up with enough for each member of the family, as no one likes to be left out of a paper hat. Once again it is of personal taste to which cracker you buy, but we have already purchased these ones this year.

Buy now (Amazon): £9.00

Our Verdict

Thank you for reading this blog, and we hope that it has helped you get organised ahead of time this year. If in the run up to Christmas you are looking for recipe ideas and inspiration, check out the BBC Goodfood page, there are hundreds. Another tip from us is keep organsied and plan ahead of time, we love this guide by Spar. Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time of year, don't let the stress of cooking an awesome dinner change that.

Happy Christmas cooking guys!!🎄

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