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Top 3: Ground Espresso Machines (2020)

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

1. Sage BES875UK Barista Express

Traditional espresso machine with integrated coffee bean grinder and milk frother.

What was great about it?

- Professional quality coffee every time, we rate it better than most high street retail coffee for taste and texture.

- Produces the best silky milk, great for coffee art.

- Coffee beans to espresso in under a minute.

- Comes with a temperature advising milk jug

What would we improve?

- It was quite difficult to clean, and the process itself can get quite messy.

- It is expensive, but the amazing coffee justifies the price.

Buy it now; approximately £650.00.

2. De’Longhi Dedica.

Traditional espresso machine with an integrated milk frother function.

What was great about it?

- Fantastic tasting coffee

- Slim design allows it to fit into any kitchen

- Easy cleaning

- Ready to use in just 40 seconds

- Great machine to learn to become a pro barista

What would we improve?

- It does not come with a milk jug and thermometer, so done forget to add those to your basket too.

- There are only three buttons to control the machine, this can make it complicated, and we had to revert back to the manual.

- This product uses pre ground coffee beans. If you wanted to ground your own beans, for extra freshness, you would require a separate bean grinder.

Buy it now; only £180.00.

3. EspressoWorks all-in-one maker

Modern unique all in one coffee maker.

What was great about it?

- Comes with everything you need to make lots of different types of beverage.

- Quick and easy, only 45 seconds brew time

- Able to choose single or double shot of espresso.

- You can choose what grade beans you want to use and how fine you want them, great customisation.

What would we improve?

- It has a blade grounder not a burr grounder which can leave inconsistencies in the ground coffee, we found this affected the taste and strength of our coffee.

- You can only use espresso cups in this machine, due to the spacing under the brew heads. Luckily, we are supplied with them.

Buy it now; just £159.00.

Our Verdict

If you desire to mimic the high-street retailers and make professional coffee from your own home the Sage Barista is the perfect machine for you.

If you do not specifically want to prioritise the taste of the coffee and are just looking for a versatile affordable machine that is quick and consistent we recommend either the De’Longhi Dedica or the EspressoWorks machine.

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