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Top 4 Integrated Microwaves on Amazon (2020)

Microwaves are an essential appliance in a home the only thing is that they are considerable and take up a substantial amount of surface top. Hence, we have focused our research to the integrated microwave market. Microwaves can be used to cook anything from scrambled egg in the morning to popcorn right before movie night. It depends on the colour scheme of your kitchen as to whether you would prefer a stainless steel or black facings, we have chosen our top ones:

1) Russell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs is a renowned kitchen brand with top quality products and appliances, the same goes for this integrated microwave. This appliance has impressive functionality as well as top of the range stainless steel and mirror finishes. It has an auto menu function, which is a pre-programmed setting to cook your food to perfection. Like many other microwaves, this one also has an independent timer.


- 800W power

- 20L capacity

- H:382mm W:595mm D:343mm

Buy now (Amazon): £134.96

2) Bosch

Bosch, another top name in the kitchen industry, has produce a slim slick integrated microwave with black and stainless steel aesthetics. Similar to the Russell Hobbs this machine has 'Autopilot', simply pop your food in the microwave pick one of the seven options and input the weight of the food into the display and the microwave will work out the time and temperature necessary to cook your food thoroughly.


- 800W power

- 20L capacity

- H:382mm W:594mm D:371mm

Buy now (Amazon): £473.98

3) Cookology

Not a familiar household brand but one that has proven to be more than satisfactory and is working its way into many British households due to it affordability and efficient cooking programmes. This appliance is stainless steel too, similar to the Bosch appliance, choose one of eight cooking options and the weight of the item. We really like that this machine also has a child lock on it, for safety reasons, which is so helpful for busy families with youngsters.


- 800W power

- 20L capacity

- H:388mm W:595mm D:320mm

Buy now (Amazon): £134.99

4) Cookology XL

Cookology has done it again making it in to our top rated products and deservingly so, this integrated microwave also doubles up as a grill which would be perfect for a flat or apartment setting where space saving is crucial. This design is so timeless, it is a frameless integrated appliance with glass finishes which would suit every kitchen. This appliance comes with 5 power settings but 8 pre-programmed food settings. It also comes with a warranty.


- 900W power

- 25L capacity

- H:403mm W:594mm D:382mm

Buy now (Amazon): £199.99

Our Verdict

As you can see there isn't the largest variety of different integrated microwaves on Amazon, but purchasing from somewhere reputable like Amazon you can guarantee efficient delivery and product standard. As we mentioned before, it is really down to personal taste and the theme of your kitchen. We are big fans of the Cookology XL.

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