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Top Fondue Sets for the Kitchen (2020)

Everyone needs a fondue set you can fill it with cheese or chocolate, making it suitable for everyone. It is a great centrepiece at parties but also ideal for date nights. We love how simple this product is but how much it can elevate you appliance cupboard. This blog will showcase the top eight fondue sets on the market varying in price and function.

1) Villeroy & Boch Cast Iron Set

This fantastic set is just timeless and stunning but it is also super practical, its high quality materials means that you can heat up your cheese in the oven and then keep it on the heated stand so that it stays warm and stringy for your guests. It comes will a gel fuel burner, so pre-heating the cheese isn't actually necessary, it is rather powerful and hot so will melt even the strongest cheese by itself. This set comes with 6 fondue forks perfect for the whole family to get involved.

Buy now (Amazon): £29.99

2)Artesa Copper fondue set

The aesthetic on this rose gold copper fondue set is just stunning, it would sit beautifully in anyones home and would be a talking point at a party. It comes will the gel fuel burner so it has extremely effective heating, and the grade of materials allows it to retain and heat up your cheese and chocolate evenly. It comes with 6 fondue forks as well as a 5-year guarantee.

Buy now (Amazon): £49.99

3) Raclette Grill Fondue combination set

Fondue cheese is not the only gooey cheese delicacy that people love to indulge in during winter, the other form is a Raclette. This handy little set allows you to do both and more. It includes 8 raclette pans and spatulas as well as eight fondue forks, another added bonus is the hot plate on top which cook meets or even crisp up bread. A fantastic investment for a family that loves grilled cheese and wants to elevate their food even more.

Buy now (Amazon): £84.99

4) Deluxe Artesa fondue set

Wow, now this set you can really host a party, its aesthetic is just stunning and comes with everything you need to host. This 22 piece set may even be a great present for a loved one who loves to cook and party. Similar to some of the other sets, this now is powered by the gel fuel burner, so it easily melts your favourite cheeses together. This set is not safe for the dishwasher, but the top quality materials makes it easy enough to hand wash anyway.

Buy now (Amazon): £59.99

5) Staub Cast iron

At the very top of the range is this STAUB La Fondue set. This fondue set is great for groups as it comes with 6 fondue forks and the heating bowl is rather large in size measuring contents upto 1100ml. Its top quality French materials really show in the weight of this product, this set is about 5kg. It has an enamel finish ensuring even heat distribution but it can also be washed easily in the dishwasher.

Buy now (Amazon): £138.09

6) Hemoton ceramic fondue set

This fondue set is bar far the most basic in the range of fondue sets, but that doesn't mean it is any less worthy or special. We think that this fondue set could actually be super romantic as it is lit just by a single tea light. The only preface is that a tea light does not get that hot, so you may want to pre-melt your goodies. Its ceramic bowl provides even heating and is also super easy to clean.

Buy now (Amazon): £12.69

7) Homezone fondue set

I think this set would be great for sleepovers and parties due to the fact that it comes with the four half moon dishes to display your dipping items in as well as four stainless steel forks. This set is made from top quality ceramic for long lasting durability that is also dishwasher safe. One thing to point out is that this fondue set works using a standard tea light, that may mean you have to melt your cheese and chocolate prior and use this 10 piece set as more of a displaying item.

Buy now (Amazon): £23.99

8) Stainless steel fondue set

This stainless steel fondue set is just what you need. Compared to the others, it is a fairly basic model but has everything you need to get the party started. The fuel burner has an adjustable snuffer so that you can change the temperature of the flame so that your cheese, chocolate or oil can maintain the correct temperature. This set comes with 6 fondue forks so that the whole family can get involved.

Buy now (Amazon): £21.99

Our Verdict

I think the only debate now is whether you are going to fill your fondue kit with luxurious stringy cheese or rich decadent chocolate. We hope that this blog has shown you the possibilities of purchasing a fondue set this winter. In our opinion, the Villeroy and Both set is great for a first time fondue kit whereas the deluxe Artesa fondue set is get for hosting parties.

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