• Toby

Top AMAZON Kitchen Decor

As I am sure you are aware Amazon have a plethora of home decorations that you can order today and enjoy tomorrow. The convenience that Amazon provides is one of the added bonuses from purchasing with them.

In this edition on Amazon home decor, we are going to focus on the kitchen. Tune back next month to see which room we have designed next.


A new kitchen can be costly and if like us, you are scrolling through endless TikTok videos which have inspired you to give a new lease of life to your kitchen then look know further. We have collated variety of top quality products that Amazon offer to aid rejuvenate your home.

Kitchen surfaces can easily get cluttered with everyday products and can often become the space that get piled up in useless paperwork and post.

We recommend having a dedicated drawer for admin and 'necessary rubbish' per say. It helps keep your kitchen surfaces clear and also enhances the space, often making it seem much bigger.

1) Vinyl

Vinyl has seen a massive growth over the last year with everyone trying to upcycle their furniture in the lockdown. We have seen it on many 'kitchen before and after' videos and love the effect. If you chose the correct brand, the effects are long lasting and you can enjoy it for many years to come. Another bonus we love is, unlike a whole new kitchen, if you get bored of the style in a years time, you can just restyle it with another vinyl. No need to buy a new kitchen to feed your boredom.

Here are some of our favourites:

2) New handles

New kitchens can be costly and sometimes hard to personalise. New handles can simply take your charm and add it to your kitchen in a matter of moments. No extensive DIY skills are required, as long as you are adept with a screwdriver you'll do just fine. Amazon have an abundance of kitchen handles with character, it is a quick and cheap way to enhance a bland kitchen into one that becomes the topic of conversation.