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Top 7: Best Vacuum Cleaners for all Consumer Types (2020)

Vacuum cleaners (or hoovers) come in a wide variety now due to technological changes. In doing so, brands sometimes this creates confusion or resistance for customers because they don't know which one they require. Vacuum cleaners are extremely important in a house and should be used at least twice a week because they can help remove dirt, dust, pollen allergens and hair. Arguably, you should also be using your vacuum cleaner more due to coronavirus. Within the market there are various types, which will largely determine this structure: bagged, cylinder, cordless and techy. We review our favourite within these, comparing high end branded and mid range non-branded vacuums.

1) Bagged

Bagged vacuum cleaners prove very successful due to their profound benefits. The first is an important one, and is to do with hygiene and allergies. Because of the bagged technology all the dirt and allergies are kept securely within the bag, meaning it doesn't spread into the air when emptying. Secondly, bagged vacuums are really easy to clean and require little to no maintenance. Thirdly, given their nozzle size and power, they perform really well with hair (especially dog hair!). However, you do have to purchase bags (which aren't that environmentally friendly or cheap) and if not regularly changed, they can sometimes emit a horrible odour. A quick tip, if you do encounter bad smells even with an empty bag, place lemon drops in the hoover components and let it run.

Our first recommend bagged vacuum is the trusted "Henry" which has dominated houses for decades. The Henry is relatively powerful (620W) with an outstanding quality built. The chamber is a lot bigger than other competitors (6litres) and very easy to store given their input cable management compartment. The downside though is that the hose is hard to store given the awkward shape and can be frustrating putting it together every time you want to use it.

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However, the branded Henry vacuum is over 100 pounds, which is a lot of money for some. Additionally, if you want a bagged vacuum as a second (say for the car, dog hairs, or a student apartment) then we suggest the Vytronix BGGC01. This product is very powerful at 800W, meaning the suction is amazing. The benefits to this product over the Henry is that the ergonomic design makes storage easier (as its smaller). The chamber is a third of the size of the Henry (2L) however that is still plenty, and don't forget the bags need to be changed relatively regularly anyway.

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2) Upright Cylinder

The biggest downside to bagged vacuums is the fact that the maintenance can be expensive (especially when buying branded bags). That's where a cylinder vacuums outperforms. They are, therefore, less expensive to operate and you know when the vacuum needs to be emptied. However, the maintenance can be seen has higher as the dirty contents is not stored in a bag, therefore emptying the cylinder may require more effort. In doing so, allergens can re-enter the home too. Moreover, bagged tend to be harder as you have to pull them around with you, whereas an upright tends to be a lot easier!

Our first favourite is the Dyson Ball Multi Floor. Dyson are, arguably, the leaders in vacuums due to their unrivalled research and development. This specific model is very powerful and very easy to operate. The low centre of gravity (on the ball) makes the machine very manoeuvrable, which can be used on any floor type (eg carpet, tiles and wood) and has a self-adjusting floor head. However, this machine isn't the best stairs or tight spaces due to the large ball.

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However, we understand that sometimes a branded product isn't always the 'best' and that there are better options for the money. Our suggested mid-range is the Amazon Basics upright vacuum cleaner. This product, for the money (under £90) is amazing. The product is powerful at 700w and has a 3-litre capacity. This is perfect for those on a budget or even students.

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3) Cordless

Now for those that like to clean the whole kitchen (or house) without having to worry about plugs, then a cordless vacuum might be for you. These relatively new products enable you to vacuum on the go using their chargeable batteries. The benefits are profound however they can sometimes prove annoying if the battery hasn't been charged.