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Top 6: Best Cylinder & Mop Steam Cleaners for your Kitchen Floor (2020)

Steam cleaner are, arguably, the most effective method of cleaning kitchen floors due to their high heat which kills all germs, bugs, allergens and viruses (including coronavirus!). Steam cleaners have been around for ages and vary in size, shape, price and functionality. They use the power of heat to kill and clean, which is therefore chemical free. Generally speaking you have cylinder or mop steamers. Each pose benefits and downsides, of which we will discuss below.


Cylinder steamers tend to be more professional and capable. Due to the appliance having a 'tank', the run times tend to be a lot longer than mops, and the water heating tends to be quicker. Usually, these products come with more attachments and can therefore are not just limited to the floor. However, with this comes price. Good cylinder steamers tend to be over 150 pounds.

1) Karcher SC3 Easy Fix Steam Cleaner

This cylinder Karcher steamer is really powerful and removes even them most stubborn dirt! This product has a medium-sized capacity of 1 litre, which only took about 30 seconds to heat up! The product is built to a very high standard, like usual Karcher products, and even has an energy-efficiency class of A. We found this product to be great on our tiles and floors, and even better on windows using the smaller attachment. This machine even has a descaling cartridge, unlike other competitors.  

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2) Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

This cylinder steam clear from Dupray is really portable and durable. This product has the capacitilites of a professional cleaner yet is built and priced for personal use. This clever design has a retractable handle to make carrying easy. This product is very hot, so do be careful when using it on soft materials such as plastics and seals. More impressivley, this product has a run time of 50 minutes, allowing even the biggest of ktichens to be cleaned in one go. The steamer generously comes with 18 different attachments, meaning pretty much any where can be cleaned (appliance, doors, glass, cars, bathrooms, furniture etc).  

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3) Masthome High-Pressure Steam Cleaner

If you didn't want to pay for a branded-expensive steam cleaner, but still want to steam clean to a high standard then Masthome's high-pressure steamer is amazing for under £100. This product, still, has a medium capacity of 1.2 litres, however heating does take around 6-7 minutes. This is the biggest differentiator between other competitors, however its a small sacrifice to pay if you're saving almost 100 pounds. The steamer still comes with plenty of attachments, allowing you to clean everywhere, however only has a run time of 20 minutes. Perfect for those on a budget, or those in flats.

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Mop Steamers

Mop cleaners are steam cleaners which are only designed for the floor. They act more like a vacuum in the sense that they're lightweight and upright. Usually mop steamers have the small capacity in the handle, but heats up really quick. These sorts of products are typically used for smaller rooms and cannot be used as much as cylinders, for example, the lack of attachments means that mop steamers cannot be used in cars, on ovens, on glass etc.

1) Karcher SC3 Easy Fix upright.

If you liked the idea of the first product but don't like the idea of a cylinder, then this is for you. Karcher adapted the SC3 to make it an upright version, which is cheaper but still very effective. This well built product benefits from just a 20 second heating up time and a carpet glider, enabling carpets to be steam cleaned. This specific model has a capacity of 0.5litres, so frequent refilling may be required in bigger houses. However, we found this not to be a big issue given the rapid heating up time, virtually allowing infinite use. Like the previous, this also has a descaling cartridge, particularly useful in harsh-water areas.

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2) Moolan 1500W Powerful Steam Cleaner Mop

This is probably the best steam mop for the money, and does everything you need. The capacity and heat up time is similar to Karcher, at 0.45L and 30 seconds respectively. This product does, however, include various accessories to help clean different floor terrains, whilst having a temperature adjusted. We found that the triangular shaped mop allowed really easy access to difficult places, and easily pivoted around. We also found that the design is really good. Firstly, the water tank is near the bottom, meaning the centre of gravity was lower and less weight was going through your hand. Secondly, the green handle on the tank allowed the appliance to be picked up and used on glass, or work surfaces.

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3) Shark Steam Mop (S1000UK) Pocket Mop

This super lightweight steamer from Shark is awesome for the occasional steamer. This small product has a tank size of just 0.375L (the smallest of them all), however this makes the product super light and easy to use and manoeuvre. Sharks pad's are also machine-washable, making this product cheaper in the long run. However, this product isn't suited for carpets or glass due to the lack of attachments. Also, you have to pump the handle when you want steam, so this can be laborious when doing big areas.

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Our Verdict

Firstly, you need to decide whether you want a cylinder (more professional) unit or a mop (more personal unit). They vary in price, but cylinder's have more functionality. If you want a cylinder one, then the Dupray steam cleaner is fantastic and very portable. Whilst, if you want a mop then our favourite was the Moolan. Overall, we'd strongly recommend using a steam cleaner if you haven't before, they're a great way of deep cleaning the floors and are especially important during Coronavirus.

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