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Top 5: The Best Induction Pans (2020)

The insurgence of induction technology amongst homes has also created an insurgence of induction pans in the market. There are many different brands who are shifting towards this magnetic technology because of the profound benefits. This review shows our favourite four pan sets so you can spend more time cooking and less time shopping.

1. Tefal Ingenio

Tefal have created another fantastic product, the 13-piece stainless steel induction set with detachable handles.

What did we like?

- These are the most diverse pots in the market at the moment. They can be used on the hob, in the oven and then put straight into the fridge.

- The removable handles make storage a lot easier

- Stainless steel material makes it easy to clean as well a durable for cooking.

What would we improve?

- There is not a lid that fits the frying pan.

- Only comes with two handles, which proves difficult if you're cooking a big meal however you can buy more handles.

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2. Prestige Eco-friendly Pots and Pans

These are made from recycled materials, and therefore prove extremely beneficial for the environment whilst being fully functional.

What did we like?

- These pots and pans are eco-friendly, they are made out of recycled materials and are fully in themselves recyclable.

- For every purchase Prestige, working with Tree Aid, will plant a tree to improve global sustainability.

- Dishwasher and oven safe up to 150C.

What would we improve?

- There is not a lid that fits the frying pan.

- These pans are perfect for students or couples, but they may be too small for family meals or groups.

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3. Amazon Marble Pans

If you're looking for something a bit cheaper, this is the best bet. A fantastic range from Amazon with a beautiful design and superb quality. Perfect for those on a budget such as students and first-time buyers.

What did we like?

- Fantastic versatile lid that fits each pan, perfect for easy storage.

- Super easy to clean, suitable for the dishwasher and non-stick.

- These pans are suitable in the oven too, due to the Bakelite handles, up to 150C.

What would we improve?

- The pan is not scratch proof.

- There are not any pots in this deal, but they can be purchased separately.

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4. Tefal Premium Non-Stick cookware Set (5 pieces)

These are another product from Tefal, the non-stick induction pans. No fancy lids or removable handles, pure utility and usability. Nevertheless, they are a lot cheaper and do the same job as our first pick (Ingenio). We love the classic design on these pans and their clever Thermo spot technology.

What we love about them:

- great build quality

- fantastic technology in these (hermospot and non-stick)

- really easy to clean and dishwasher proof

- Good variety in sizes of pots and pans


- storage can sometimes be difficult with the handles.

- Do scratch easily with other metal cutlery

- Non-stick isnt that durable, and can come off over time

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5. ProCook Gourmet Stainless Steel

If you don't like the traditional 'heavy' pots and pans then we strongly recommend ProCook's latest creation. These pans are designed with weight in mind and are therefore very lightweight and easy to use. Perfect for kids or elderly. Available on prime and also has a 10-year guarantee. These are the most expensive out of the list though, but with price comes quality.

What did we like about them?

- very lightweight

- great sizes available (6 or 8 pieces)

- build quality was exceptional

- dishwasher safe

- heatproof handles

- straining lip


- these pans do get very hot so be careful

- non-stick isn't as good as Tefal.

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Our Verdict

If you're concerned with the brand and technology involved with the pans, then stick to the tefal options. They really are the best in the market and are very durable. However, if you find these too heavy then the ProCook versions are the best bet for you. Likewise, if you care about the environment, then the Prestige Eco-Friendly pots your best bet.

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