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Top 5: Pressure Washers to Clean your Kitchen Patio

Harsh winters can easily stain your outdoor kitchen floors. Whether it be moss, mud or general dirt, a pressure washer can remove it all! Pressure washers have many uses, such as cars, but are mainly used for outdoor patios or decking. Why not invest in a pressure washer and improve your outdoor kitchen patio or BBQ area?

1) Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer

Probably the most expensive and premium pressure washer on the market, the Kärcher K7. This machine is seriously powerful (180 bar) without vibrating too much. This product feels more luxurious than others because of the setting buttons on the handle. Like most Kärchers, this came with a floor cleaner which makes floor cleaning so easy and fast! However, this product is very expensive, and there are cheaper alternatives.

Buy Now: £490.80

2) Kärcher K2 Premium Full Control Car and Home Pressure Washer

If you're looking for the same brand, powerfulness and build quality but something cheaper, then the K2 is your best bet. It's a smaller option compared to the K7, but this doesn't mean quality is diminished as a result. The power is slightly less than the K7, at 110 bar, but this is still more than plenty for most patios.

Buy Now: £169.13

3) Wilks-USA RX545

This pressure washer from Wilks is by far the most powerful we have ever come across, at 210 bar! The pressure washer isn't built to the same quality as Kärcher but its not far off, especially with all the attachments which are included for free. If you've got really stubborn dirt then this will be perfect for you. Be careful though on decking as it's so powerful it can sometimes take off some of the wood. Bosch Home and Garden - EasyAquatak 120 High Pressure Washer

Buy Now: £199.99

4) Bosch Home and Garden - EasyAquatak 120 High Pressure Washer

If you have a small patio or small garage, then something like the EasyAquatak could be the perfect solution. This small but powerful pressure washer is still 120 bar, which is enough to clean a patio, but small enough to be stored in a cupboard. However, this product doesn't come with floor attachments and only a 5m hose length. For the money though, this is a bargain.

5) Norse SK90 Electric Pressure Washer

Another option which is compact and cheaper than big brands is the Norse SK90. This product is 131 bar, which is enough for cleaning patios! The product comes with so many accessories, including a hose to use standing water (ie from a pool and not a tap). This product may appear cheap, but it certainly is keeping up with main brand competitors.

Buy Now: £89.99

Our Verdict

Like with all things, the usage will determine your purchase. For those on tight budgets, small patios, or small storage areas then the Norse is probably your best bet. However, for those wanting more professional power usage, we'd strongly recommend the Wilks.

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