• Toby

Top 5: Must Need Summer Juicers (2020)

Updated: May 1, 2020

Ever want fresh juice without the hidden sugars, check out these juicers:

1. Phillips Compact Juicer

Key Features:

- Large capacity (1.5L)

- Simple pulp collection

- Accessory beaker

- Large variety and fruit and vegetables can be juiced

- Quick cleaning, simple tech allows it to be cleaned in just 1 minute.

- Drip stop spout, reducing mess

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2. Aicook Centrifugal Juicer

Key Features:

- Triple speed mode, making it suitable to any fruit or veg.

- Large capacity (1.6L)

- Accessory juicer jug

- Built in froth separator

- Large feeder, brilliant for the larger items

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3. Aicok cold press slow juicer

Key Features:

- Convenient and silent

- Slow juicer means that you get more goodness from the fruit or vegetable.

- Dry pulp, that could be used in baking

- Dishwasher safe, making cleaning up easy.