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Top 5 Milk Frothers

Milk frothers are a handy little appliance to have in your kitchen. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or enjoy a thick hot chocolate, a milk frother will assist you with all your desires. They are usually small, so can easily be stored in any kitchen. On the high-street, most of our favourite coffee brands use steam to froth the milk to the desired thickness to achieve different coffee types, if you are looking for something similar, check out our blog on coffee machines and look for integrated milk frothers.

1) Lavazza A Modo Mio

This compact and sleek milk frother and heater will help you produce barista type beverages at just a click of a button. Its magnetic whisk also allows it to produce perfected non-dairy frothed milk, for alternative dietary or health requirements. The removable parts of the machine provides easy cleaning and makes it dishwasher compatible. The only negative is that the maximum milk capacity for frothing is 120ml, which is slightly less than other brands, this may be a hinderance if you are catering for a group.

Buy it now: £49.00

2) Krups

This is a very stylish and good looking machine, the handle on this machine allows for easy pouring in comparison to other models. This specific milk frother allows you to differentiate being heating and frothing (allowing different drinks to be made) whilst having a clear lid so you can see when its done. The capacity for this is 150ml for froth, and 300ml for hot milk, so it's definitely one of the largest on the market.

Buy Now: £59.99

3) Judge

This specific milk frother is one of the largest we've come across, holding up to 300ml. This allows multiple drinks to be made, but, does slow down the heating up process (up to 2 minutes). The pouring is easier compared to the previous two models due to the lip. Overall, great value for money.

Buy Now: £31.64

4) Bodum Latteo

This uniquely designed milk frother from Bodium is really quirky. The glass offers full transparency of the milk, which is dishwasher safe - making cleaning easier than competitors. This specific model does make your milk really frothy, and does it quick too! However, it doesn't have any heating components and its manually operated (by moving the plunger up and down). It’s manual operationis what allows you to have increased control over this thickness of your chosen milk. 

Buy Now: £14.99

5) ETrigger USB handheld

This frother is super simple to use and easy to store. Despite its compact design, this frother is very powerful (15000 RPM) enabling milk to be frothy in 15 seconds. The only downside is that the frother will not heat up your milk, so you may need to use the microwave before hand. However, this specific frother has the advantage of being USB charged, meaning you don't need to buy batteries. Another benefit is that of its detachable heads, meaning that it can be thoroughly cleaned in the dishwasher.  

Buy Now: £15.99

Our Verdict

If you already have a coffee machine but it is not accompanied by a frothier we would recommend the Lavazza A Modo Mio or Krups milk frother as we believe they will suit any stand alone machine with their sleek designs. If you are looking for a cheap and compact milk frother we recommend the Etrigger USB handheld, as you can achieve delicious frothy milk and more in a fraction of the time.

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