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Top 5: Fans to keep your Kitchen cool

The UK has now officially entered summer, and with that comes the heat. As seen in the last couple of weeks, temperatures are rising to 32 degrees in some areas, and with that comes hot kitchens. This is exacerbated by those in cities, those in flats and those without airconditioners. To make matters worse, kitchens get even hotter when cooking begins. Often, the cheapest and most effective solution is purchasing a kitchen fan and they are extremely effective at cooling down a room by moving the air around,

1. Pro Breeze 20” Floor Fan

Buy Now: £89.99

This floor fan is Amazon’s choice, and ours too. Pro Breeze has created a compact but extremely powerful fan because of its 120W motor. This product is well built with the industrial design, whilst having the convenience of 3 air flow speeds. Perfect for kitchens, gyms and offices. The fan is really easy to assemble too. Be careful to not get water on it though, as it can rust over time.

2. Pro Breeze 16” Pedestal Fan

Buy Now: £89.99

If you would prefer a fan higher up, such as for the bedroom or office, then Pro Breeze also has a fantastic fan. This product has 4 modes (natural, night, quiet and normal) with three different fan speed settings. In doing so, this fan is perfect for any setting. The fan even comes with an LED display and remote control so you can control it from bed, or across the room. The actual fan can oscillate round 80 degrees allowing an entire room to be cooled, with height and angle also being fully adjustable.

3. Amazon Basics Pedestal Fan

Buy Now: £29.99

If you’re on a budget or prefer to save money, then this fan from Amazon Basics is perfect for you. At just £29.99, this fan certainly is good value for money. The product comes with 3 fan speeds, which run off a 40w motor, making this fan very energy efficient. This fan also comes with the same functionality as others.

4. Princess 350000 Smart Tower Fan

Buy Now: £99.99

If you like tech, then this smart fan by Princess is really awesome. This smart fan can be controlled via voice, Alexa, Google Assistant or their app. This means true control at the touch of your fingers. Whether you're in bed, or out the house but want to keep your room cool for your pets, this product is perfect for that. Like others, this fan has an 80 degree range, but a powerful yet quiet 50W motor. Again, 3 fan speed settings, which can be timed from 1-8 hours too.

5. Nyxi Air Cooler Fan

Buy Now: £64.90

If you want something a little more powerful than a fan, then this Air cooler fan is perfect. This fan has a 4L water tank with 2 Ice boxes, which allows for cooler air than a traditional fan. This fan is relatively compact, yet still outperform competitors. The additional of wheels and remote makes this product very mobile and easy to use. This fan even has an ant-duster filter to prevent pollutants being spread around. This product even benefits from 180 degree oscillation.

Our verdict

Like with everything it depends on your kitchen size, the usage requirements and your personal tastes. If you like the idea of a small portable ice cooler then Nyxi Air Cooler is awesome. However, if you would prefer a standard but powerful floor fan then ProBreeze's Fan is the best bet, and our favourite. Overall, we'd really recommend using a fan as a method of cooling down the kitchen, or any room for that matter. They're a lot cheaper than air-con, more energy-efficient and less dry.

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