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Top 5: Best Tassimo Pod Machines 2020

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Tassimo is probably one of the biggest competitors to Nespresso, with big brands such as Costs, Twinings and Baileys offering their own pods. Their machines offer consumers the ability to curate barista-quality drinks, at a fraction of the price. Here is our top five products.

1) Bosch Vivy 2

Bar far the most popular machine by Tassimo and Amazon's best seller. This compact machine comes in 3 colour options (black, red, cream) and is currently on sale on Amazon! This has a water tank of 0.7L and a power of 1300W, meaning the machine can make a wide range of drinks (eg tea, hot chocolate, coffee). For the price, this machine is unbeatable.

Buy Now Amazon: £39.99

Buy Now Currys: £39.99

2) Bosch Happy

This machine is very similar to the previous, but utilises a more curvy design. The product comes in more colour options (black, cream, purple, red, and white). This machine is easy to use with the one button operation, and create the perfect drink due to their 'intellibrew' functionality. The adjustable cup stand also allows different cup sizes to be facilitated.

Buy Now Amazon: £61.26

Buy Now Currys: £89.99

3) Bosch My Way

A slightly more expensive machine, but yields more features. The 'My Way' machine has a larger water capacity (1.3L) and an 'auto clean' functionality. This coffee machine offers more personalisation, such as setting the intensity, size and strength of each cup. The quality of cup is better due to the 'brita maxtra+' water filtration technology, making the flavours more pronounced. If you're an avid drinker, this is ideal. This product comes in black, white, cream and red.

Buy Now Amazon: £118.00

Buy Now Currys: £118.00

4) Bosch Caddy

If you work in an office, or a family home where many hot drinks are used, why not purchase the Caddy Multi and allow all the Tassimo capsules to be integrated in a specific holder (16 capsules per tube, with a maximum of eight). This machine still benefits from a larger water capacity (1.2L) and has a virtually no pre[heat time and an auto-off function. This Machine is bigger and heavier though.

Buy Now Amazon: £90.32

Buy Now Currys: £120.00

5) Bosch Suny

The Bosch Suny is a compact, smart start, no heat time machine, very similar to the others. The main difference is the design. This machine still benefits from all the amazing features of Tassimo machines, however, due to the fully automatic machine, you cant personalise any components (eg the size of cup).

Buy Now: £54.99

Our Verdict

For convenience, a summary can be found below of the different models. Our personal favourite was the Happy. We found the drinks to be amazing for the value of the machine. If you did want a bit more personalisation, however, then the My Way is for you.

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