• Toby

Top 4: Automatic Dog Food Dispenser (April 2020)

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Yes, you read that correctly! Automatic food dispensers are the latest trends within the pet market, and I can see why! Trust me, when you try one of these, your dog food regime will be revolutionised. These products are perfect for those who are busy, lazy, at work all day, or even forgetful! Similarly, these products are great for portion control if the dog or cat is trying to lose / gain weight.

1) MYPIN: Automatic Pet Feeder

This is a truly fantastic product which MYPIN have created, and has an amazing sleek design which won't ruin your kitchen or home décor. The product is available on prime and comes in two colour schemes (Black or White)

What was great about it?

- You can schedule up to 6 meals a day

- Removable internals to allow easy cleaning

- built in voice recorder and speaker

- infrared sensors so the bowl never over-fills

- automatically tell you when the food storage is low

- automatic food reversal (to dislodge any stuck food)

- build quality is amazing

- battery power backup (incase you have a power outage)

- chic modern design


- Would be better if this could be connected to an app (to remedy any worries if you do leave your pet)

- Only a 4L container, so, depending on the dog/cat, may have to be refilled frequently.

- only dry food can be used

Buy Now: £79.99

2) GoHiking Automatic Pet Feeder

This product is slightly cheaper than the previous but does a fantastic job. The product is also on prime, and comes in two colours options (white or black)

What was great about it?

- Large food container (6.5L)

- up to four programmable and customisable meals per day

- two infrared to prevent blockages

- comes with a mat to precent spillage on the floor

- locking functionality to prevent the pet from clawing into the container

- easy for cleaning

- record voice


- Quality and design is not as good at MYPIN

- Only dry food can be used

- Again, no app.

Buy Now: £57.90