• Toby

Top 30: Christmas Kitchen Gifts Under £30

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

After a long, weird, and difficult year, 2020 Christmas has finally arrived. Hopefully, families can reunite after a long and separated covid-year, and perhaps even a Christmas parties.

Despite some non-essential shops being shut and being in lockdown 2.0, buying gifts for people will certainly never stop. We are here to provide you with our top 30 gifts for under 30 pounds, because we understand that online shopping can sometimes be so frustrating.

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1) Locisne 8 in 1 Kitchen Tool

This 8-in-1 kitchen tool is a perfect utensil all rounder, meaning you don't need to buy everything separately. This product is capable of juicing lemons, separating eggs or even opening cans - this is an essential kitchen gift for anyone who enjoys cooking or baking.

Buy Now (Amazon): £7.99

2) Personalised Bamboo Chopping Board

Personalised gifts are always a winner at Christmas, especially this chopping board made from bamboo. Not only is this product eco-friendly, but great quality (both thick and large) and can be used for all sorts, whether it be preparing your vegetables, cutting bread or even slicing cheese.

Buy Now (Amazon): £9.99

3) New Jar Opener

This clever product is perfect for the elderly, young or even someone who struggles to open jars. This lid opener can open any jar and gives you 10x more strength (due to the pivot). No more asking others or using a tea towel! A cool kitchen utensil which will come in handy every week!

Buy Now (Amazon): £8.99

4) Glowing Gin Infusing Kit

This fantastic present from Sandy Leaf Farm Store allows users to make their own infused gin, which glows! A fantastic idea, which has the complete kit inside the box, all you need is to simply buy some vodka and mix the botanicals. Perfect all those gin lovers out there!

Buy Now (Amazon): £7.99

5) Sandy Leaf Farm: Make Your Own Cheese