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Top 3 Smart Kitchen Products (May 2020)

In a world of ever-increasing tech, its important to not get left behind and become outdated, so, here is a list of our top 3 for May 2020.

1) Etekcity Digital Kitchen Nutrition Scales

This fantastic product by Etekcity allows calorie (and other nutritional qualities) counting even easier. For those that want precise macro tracking this is the perfect tech for you. Simply, it allows the scales to measure the weight of the food and therefore calculate the nutritional data (such as calories, protein, fat, carbs and more. This makes Keto diets (or any other diet for that matter) so easy.


- Lots of food items within their database

- Both the app and the scales are very well designed with a super easy user interface

- Very precise scale, up to 5kg!

- Easily stored and easily cleaned

- Very easy to switch between metrics (both dry and wet ingredients)

- The app is regularly updated


- American database so sometimes food items have to be manually entered

- Only tracks macros per ingredient (ie not per meal) so it will add to your cooking and preparing time

Buy Now: £27.99

2)Meater+ Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

As we enter summer and endure more BBQs, there is no better time to buy this product. Meater+ have created a smart thermometer which you place into any meat and it sync to your phone (over Bluetooth or wifi) the temperature of the meat, and how long it will require to reach the optimal level. The clever product allows you to pre-select your meat preference (eg medium rare) and then, using their algorithm, it will tell you when the meat is done. The sensors can even be connected to Alexa!


- Well designed app

- Comes with a bamboo charging case with a magnetic backing

- A lot of customisation (eg meat type, and cooking preference)


- charging case does use batteries so you may need these

- water-resistant and not waterproof, so have to be careful (eg steamers)

- temperature readings are not as precise as traditional cheaper ones

Buy now: £109.00

3) Amazon Echo Wall Clock

If you do a lot of cooking and use timers then this product will save you a lot of time (no pun intended). As simple as it sounds, Amazon have created a clock and integrated it with Alexa. This means the smart clock allows communication and therefore is hands-free. Within the kitchen, this means whilst your hands are wet, busy cutting up soemthing, or mixing up a cake, you can simply call to Alexa to set a timer. You can set more than one-timer, and can be displayed on analogue or digital.


- Really conveniant and easy within the kitchen

- Really convenient and easy within the kitchen


- The product only comes in black plastic and therefore might not suit all kitchens

- The product does require an amazon compatible device

Buy Now: £29.99

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