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Top 3: Smart Home Products (July 2020)

Welcome back to the monthly publication of our top 3 products which help make your home smart! We haven't seen much progression in terms of technology recently, due to COVID-19, but nonetheless, there are still products out there we haven't reviewed. This month we will be reviewing the smart Alexa plugs, a smart indoor air quality monitor and a super smart coffee machine.

1) Teckin Alexa Plugs

A common misconception is that smart homes with smartphone control requires expensive products. Well, this isnt true and you can make your home smart using cheap plugs. Alexa plugs are a relatively new concept, which has dominated homes, and allows any device to be controlled via WiFi. Teckin have created the best smart plugs, which allow normal households appliances to be controlled via remote, voice, Alexa, timers or their app. For example, have a lamp in your bedroom? Plug this into Teckin, and allow your lamp to be turned on and off whenever you want, via any Alexa product or any smartphone. We really couldn't fault these products.

Buy Now: £39.99

2) Netatmo Air Quality Monitor

Conscious about having a healthy house? Introducing Netatmo's smart indoor monitor. This mysterious product does more than meets the eye. This product can track air quality, humidity, temperature and noise levels within the room. In doing so, the app can tell you how to make a healthier environment, particularly for those with babies, asthma or any breathing difficulties. The real time data tracking allows instant changes to be recorded and assessed, allowing you to create the perfect environment. An extremely important device given the current pandemic situation, where those who may catch the flu, might want to improve their air quality to aid breathing. This product also works with Apple HomeKit and can improve your sleep!

Buy Now: £112.27

3) Smarter Coffee Machine

We have reviewed Smarters product in a previous edition, and we love their latest product. Smarter Coffee is essentially a Bean-to-Cup coffee machine, which can be controlled via WiFi. This allows consumers to remotely brew their coffee, or have coffee scheduled in (eg wake-up mode and home mode). You can personalise your coffee by choosing the strength and coarseness of the grind via the app, and even connect to Alexa. A truly amazing and revolutionary product, which saves so much time and makes great coffee! A must-have for any coffee lovers.

Buy Now: £179.39

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