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Top 3: Kitchen Tech (June 2020)

Welcome back to our monthly publication of our favourite top 3 kitchen tech products! We believe technology can improve everyones daily lives, but, can be expensive. Today we have three great products which improve your kitchen routines, whether it be tea drinking habits, herb addictions or cleaning routines.

1) Ember Smart Mug 2

Ever forgot you had a tea and went to sip it and its cold? Ever made a coffee and within minutes it's lukewarm? Not anymore! This 'smart mug' from Ember Technologies allows you to retain the desired temperature for up to 2 hours. The latest model has a battery life of 80 minutes and carries 400ml (the usual mug amount). You can select, via the app, the desired temperature (between 48.9°C and 62.8°C) and the drink will remain at the level. This means no more microwaving your forgotten tea or no more boiling your kettle again. The mug is finished with a matte texture which makes holding the cup really nice. Like many tech products, however, this isn't dishwasher safe and should be washed cautiously. It's worth noting, the mug will not charge on the coaster when there is liquid inside, only retain its current level of battery. We worked this out after speaking to Ember as we thought perhaps it was a design flaw.

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Ember even sell a travel mug too, so you can keep your tea/coffee warm on the go! This product has a 2-hour battery life, with the temperature also being controlled on their phone or watch app (ios). The travel mug is really easy to set up (bluetooth) and operates with the beautifully designed app and intuitive controls. However, the coaster isn't that portable, so if you're out all day then this may not be the best option.

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2) Click & Grow

If you like freshly prepared herbs and plants but don't want to maintain a fully functionally hydroponics or green house then this is right up your street. Gone are the days of quick expiring herbs from the supermarket and sub-par quality. The 'click and grow' allows users to grow their own plants, herbs, greens or flowers from their own home. This device is fully autonomous and will periodically release nutrients and water when required. This device is also fully silent, unlike other water related competitors. The LED promotes plants to grow, and we tried growing mini-tomatoes and they tasted so much better than the supermarkets! Click and grow are trying to replicate the Nespresso method, whereby the seeds are in 'plant pods' and can be bought from their amazon site.

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3) iRobot Roomba E5154

If you're a millennial, love tech, or hate cleaning then this product will help! The iRobot Roomba is a fully autonomous vacuum cleaner, which will do your work for you! The beautifully designed robot has its own app, which allows you to remotely communicate with the device. In doing so, allowing consumers to tell iRobot to vacuum whilst they're out. This vacuum isn't as powerful or thorough as traditional devices, but does a pretty good job! This device easily handles daily dust, dirty and hair with its 3-stage cleaning and 5x suction. The product works really well on hard floors and carpet, whilst perfectly navigating your homes without bumping into things. However, we did find that pets do get very confused about this product and will watch them move around all day long!

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