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Top 3: Kitchen Tech for under £100 (April 2020)

Updated: May 1, 2020

1) Amazon Echo (£89)

Simple, yet very effective in the kitchen. Perfect for recipes, shopping lists and music. All controlled by your voice, so when your hands are busy you can still change the radio, turn off the lights or adjust the thermostat. ‘Alexa’ allows you to make shopping lists as you think of them, remind you of your calendar, or even order you an Uber if you’re running late. Alexa can set timers, tell you metric conversions, tell you recipes, and about everything inbetween! This latest generation comes in four colour options (Charcoal, Grey, White and Blue) so can match many kitchens! Smart speakers are definitely a must have for any kitchen. .

2) Morphy Richards: Sensored Bin (£50)

Yes, you heard it right. An electronic bin. Morphy Richards have, yet again, created an amazing product which improves your kitchen. The infrared bin allows consumers to not touch the bin, reducing the spread of germs. A lot like the echo, the bin doesn’t require your hands, so whether you’re chopping up onions or have too much in your hands, the bin will automatically open as you approach. The product comes in 3 colours (Black, Silver and cream) and w sizes (42 and 50 litres)

3) Smarter: Wifi smart Kettle (£99)

This product can truly revolutionise your tea drink habits, trust me! This fantastic product allows you to boil your Kettle, remotely on the smarter app or seamlessly through Alexa! (See what we did there!). This product means no standing around waiting for it to boil or asking someone to boil it for you. This kettle allows you to select your ideal temperature, see how much is in the kettle, and even set alarms for your morning brew!

Overall, this is a great product which is built well and has a fantastic app user-interface.

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