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Top 3: Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Bean to cup coffee machines are truly fantastic. The process involves a coffee grinder which crushes coffee beans and turns them into grounds, which are then used with water to create black coffee. The benefits of this type of machine is that it alows consumers to enjoy a wider range of flavours with different beans. Flavours tend to be more raw and also allow more customistion. These products do tend to be more expensive than other types though.

1. De’Longhi Magnifica S

Automatic bean to cup coffee machine, with integrated milk frother.

What was great about it?

- Great for families and small groups as it can simultaneously brew two coffees

- So easy to clean, after the beverage is complete the machine self-cleans any part of itself that has been in contact with the milk.

- Very consistent barista-quality coffee with every use.

- Slim and classy looking machine, that would suit any household.

- It also has an option of hot water delivery, for those that would rather a tea.

What would we improve?

- The cup holder does not get that hot, so it does not warm the cups well.

Buy it now; currently under £340.00.

2. Melitta Barista Smart coffee machine

Modern bean to cup coffee machine with customisation app.

What was great about it?

- 21 different pre-set coffee specialities with dual dispensing.

- The ‘Coffee Memory’ can store up to 8 peoples personal beverage preferences.

- The taste of the coffee is superb every time.

- The user interface is very understandable, and this machine even comes with an inclusive app.

What would we improve?

- The app would sometimes fail to connect to the machine which was a little infuriating.

- The machine is very large, so we would recommend dedicating a worktop to it.

- It is more expensive, but it's justifiable if it’s going to be used a lot.

Buy it now; currently under £859.00.

3. Scott UK, Slimissimo

Sleek, classy and compact bean to cup espresso machine.

What was great about it?

- A really simple machine that is easy to use, it has a slim compact design, brilliant for any household.

- We liked that it could dispense hot water, for those who prefer tea.

- Easy cleaning routine with removable water tank and descaling functions.

- It has an adjustable height coffee dispenser, so you can keep using your favourite mug.

What would we improve?

- This product does not come with an integrated milk frother, so make sure you add that to the basket, if you want the product to create cappuccinos and lattes.

- The water tank is enclosed, so you can't tell how much water is in the machine by just a glance.

Buy it now; just £349.00.

Our Verdict

If you are a bit of a tech geek the Melitta Barista Smart coffee machine is everything you will need and want. But, if you are looking for a smaller, still smart and delectable coffee every time, we recommend either De’Longhi Magnifica S or Scott UK Slimissimo.

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