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Top 18: Kitchen Valentines Gifts 2021

Valentines day is just around the corner and this year it is inevitably going to be a little different. In 2020 February we were free to go out to restaurants, to the movies and anything else, however 2021 valentines is contrasting. We are going to have to change up the way we show our affection to one another, hence we have curated a blog to help you express your love this February. Some of the products would be a great gift to your partner, others can help you make the best of being at home this year.

1) Coffee machine

Why buy a gift that is going to be used just once? Gifting a coffee machine is a great idea, it is the gift that keeps on giving. If you are having trouble deciding on which brand to buy, look no further, we have reviewed all the top brands, just search 'coffee machine' in our search bar. The coffee machine we have and adore is the Nespresso De'Longhi Latissimo.

Buy now: £189.00

2) Personalised chopping board

Whether it is the first thing they use in the morning for their toast or something they could use as a cheese board late at night with wine, this gift adds sentiment and love. It can be there name, their favourite song lyrics or quote, it could even be your anniversary date, one thing we are sure of is that the memory will last a life time.

Buy now: £12.99

3) Smoothie maker

If you loved one is making 2021 the year of health than potentially a smoothie maker is the best gift they could receive. Remember this is no one tricky pony appliance, it could also be used to make their favourite milkshake or alcoholic cocktail.

Buy now: £59.00

4) Cocktail Set

Perhaps you are look to have a boozy lockdown valentines this year with the restaurants being closed, why not buy your partner a top quality cocktail set and enjoy shaking the night away together.

Buy now: £33.59

5) Crytsal whisky set

If your lover is a fan of whiskey on the rocks, this little gift would be fantastic.The gift set includes one outstanding crystal whisky glass but also an ice mould that will create the perfect ice sphere to accompany your favourite whiskey.

Buy now: £18.95

6) Popcorn maker

Thinking about having a snuggly movie night in, you are going to need all the goods, why not buy your partner a popcorn maker to get the night underway. Super fun for everyone, and a gift that keep on giving throughout the years to come.

Buy now: £24.47

7) Candles

You can not go wrong in buying your loved one their favourite candle, it not only shows that you listen but will also make for a wonderful smelling mood light later on. This Neom candle is at the top of the range, and its little message should leave a smile on anyones face.

Buy now: £32.00

8) Chocolate

Buying their favourite chocolate is a must, we absolute love Hotel Chocolat. Its luxury exterior and rich decadent chocolate just makes life better. It creates some wonderful hampers, so if you are separated this valentines, you can still surprise them with a beautiful gift.

Buy now: £40.00

9) Espresso cups

Is your loved one a coffee addict, how about some new beautifully designed Le creuset espresso mugs. We just love how cute these stone cups are, and an added bonus they are made from top quality material for extended life.

Buy now: £22.00

10) Humour socks

We absolutely love these socks, perfect for a winters day. It is great that they have a secret message to, just lift those toes and your favourite beverage could be on its way, well thats the idea anyway.

Buy now: £9.97

11) Cheese making kits

If your partner is anything like me, they will adore this gift. Cheese that is fresh and delicious. This gift will also provide a bit of entertainment and fun, you can make up to 20 different cheeses from this artisan kit.

Buy now: £25.99

12) Funny aprons

Receiving this gift would be a hilarious, matching sexy aprons that you can wear that evening whilst cooking your romantic meal together. If you are a couple that thrives off humour, we think these are the hilarious gifts you need to brighten up 2021.

Buy now: £12.99

13) Personalised mug

We think this gift could add a lot of sentiment and show how much you care when you dont have much to spend. add your favourite memory and a personalised messages and make your partner smile every morning the go to use it.

Buy now: £10.99

14) Flowers

If you are reading this blog Valentines eve, than I recommend you order some of these asap, with free next day delivery available it is a no-brainer. They are handmade by professional forests and will not disappoint.

Buy now: £34.99

15) Bouquet of treats

This gift is magnificint, combining chococalt and roses is genius. We personally think this would be a great gift to send to someone that you cannot be with on this special day. Long distance relationships can be tricky, but this gift will produce the biggest smile.

Buy now: £32.95

16) Flower bear

Teddy bears and flowers, you'll be winning anyones heart, but the combination of the both, just wow. This is definitely a gift they will remember for years to come. Not only is it a pretty awesome gift, but it is also fully made from beautifully scented soap which you can break off and use at any moment if you'd like.

Buy now: £26.99

17) Collage of photos

Time to get creative with this photo project. We have found a wonderfully unique photo collage frame that allows you to fill it with your favourite memories from over the years. It also has space for personalisation, and would sit pretty in any home.

Buy now: £11.99

18) Heart shaped tins

The best way to a lovers heart is through their stomach, thats what I was told. So why not show a little bit of chef flair by creating their favourite cake for an added surprise this valentines. This heart shape cake tin is not only wonderful for the occasion but it is super easy to use, completely fool proof.

Buy now: £14.99

Our verdict

With Valentine fast approaching we recommend getting yourself organised, presents ordered and evening organised. We hope this blog will help you get set up and has given you a few ideas for your loved one this 2021.

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