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Top 15: Best BBQ Gadgets for Summer 2020

Updated: May 18, 2020

Now that the spring weather has brightened up and summer is just around the corner, it is time to clean up that BBQ and get ready for the coming months of grilling ahead. These products are perfect for summer lockdowns or even fathers day presents. This blog will briefly show the top 15 BBQ essentials every household need:

1. Radiancy BBQ Scrubber

This gadget saves not just time, but also the hassle of cleaning the BBQ grill. It uses steam to help remove the grease and grime and leaves you with a 'good as new grill' to cook on. The head is detachable and can go straight in the dishwasher too! Perfect for any BBQ cleaning routine

Buy Now: £14.50

2. Meat Shredders

These claws transform the way you make your shredded meat. BBQ pulled pork or BBQ pulled chicken from the grill to the plate with the same quality as a restaurant. It is not only able to produce high-quality meat cuts but it does it with ease, and quicker than the conventional 2 fork trick. They are dishwasher safe too.

Buy Now: £10.99

3. Branding Iron

A quirky new gadget that allows you to personalise your steaks is here and I think every household should have one. No more forgetting which ones are rare or well done, just mark it on the steak. You can even personalise messages and names onto the meat with this gadget making family BBQ time even more special. Hosting a company BBQ? Celebrating a birthday? Use this to personalise and brand anything!

Buy Now: £9.59

4. BBQ Skewers

This set of 10 skewers (can opt for a set of 6) are perfect for group dining, BBQs and even Turkish cuisine nights. They are dishwasher safe, making them super easy to clean, at the top of the skewer there is a slidable handle, making it even easier to use. Unlike the bamboo/wooden skewers, these are more environmentally friendly due to the reusable nature.

Buy Now: £12.99

5. Easy Clean non-stick Grilling Mats

These fantastic grill mats are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 600 degrees which make it great not only for the barbecue but the oven for baking. The labour of scrubbing the metal grill compared to just putting these sheets in the dishwasher is a no brainer, saving time to spend more with the family.

Buy Now: £12.39

6. Beer Cooling Sticks

Nothing worse than a warm beer on a hot summers’ day, especially when you are cooking at the BBQ. It’s a great way to cool the drink without it become watery and diluted. The two-year warranty also allows you to have some faith in the longevity of this product.

Buy Now: £9.49

7. Food Thermostat

No more disappointed guests leaving with food poisoning. This handy little thermostat can help prevent food poisoning but also allows you to serve your food at the perfect temperature every time.

Buy Now: £12.99

8. Fly Repellent

The flies can be so annoying especially if you have spent ages making a platter of food and they are hovering around. With a food platter around it is also not suitable to be using potent fly spray repellents, these silent but effective fly repellent devices are much more suitable.

Buy Now: £9.76

9. Meat Pounder

Whether it is steak or chicken that needs tenderising, or you just want to reduce the cooking time, this meat pounder is for you. You can save money by buying cheaper cuts of meat, the thinner meat is then a lot easier to marinate, and with the special head on the hammer it pokes the marinate into the meat. The dishwasher safe product is also easy to clean.

Buy Now: £12.97

10. Smoking Box

Become a meat connoisseur when you are using this smoke box, the whole neighbourhood will be jealous with the lingering smell. Depending on what meat or fish you are cooking you can change the aroma by using different wood chips, our personal favourite is Maple Wood.

Buy Now: £14.97

11. Beer Can Chicken Pan

Beer can chicken is a BBQ must, its simplicity yet effectiveness when it comes to cooking a whole chicken is fantastic. The beer can effortlessly fit in the chicken and retains its moistness, as well as enhancing the flavours, from the inside out.

Buy Now: £20.46

12. BBQ Mesh Tool

This versatile BBQ tool is perfect for all different types of food, its versatile nature makes it a great addition for any household. Cleaning a BBQ is hard enough at the best of times, let alone when half the produce has fallen down the grill, this product stops that happening, not only making it easier to clean, but also prevent sticking and potentially burning of your food.

Buy Now: £14.29

13. BBQ Tool Kit

Some barbecues may come with some of the tools, but this kits has everything you need and more for hosting the best BBQ in the neighbourhood. It includes everything you need, so there will be no extra purchasing after you get this kit.

Buy Now: £33.58

14. BBQ Veg Pan

As a vegetarian I appreciate the importance of this gadget, it makes fabulous roasted veg every time. Not only is it useful for vegetables but it is also brilliant for small meats and fish. It is also brilliant for keeping food warm once it is cooked. This is a cheap and cheerful must have.

Buy Now: £10.00

15. BBQ book

A brilliant gift for BBQ newbies and those that just want to finesse their BBQ cooking. It needs no introduction; this book is fantastic and shows you how using the BBQ does not have to be limited to one season.

Buy Now: £17.09 (hard copy) or £3.09 (Kindle)

Our verdict

BBQ season is just around the corner and with these purchases you will be set to go. Look out for what you are purchasing some of the Mountain Griller products have active discounts through Amazon. Enjoy a summer lockdown in BBQ style!

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