• Toby

Top 15 Baking Accessory Essentials

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

1. Scales

I have had these scales for years now, they are still accurate and reliable. Some scales have developed technologically in recent years being able to show the calorific contents of the products you are using (eg the Etekcity Nutritional Scales) but this simple effective Salter scale is all you need to remedy those baking needs. They are suitable for weighing both dry and wet ingredients, so gone are the days of measuring jugs. This compact scale also comes with a 15-year warranty, so you can reduce the risk of losing out.

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2. Mixer

This is a very personal decision and one to be thought about, whether you are looking for a stand mixer or a compact hand mixer. Having used both, I personally think for cupcakes and small amounts of baking the electrical hand whisk is better. However, if you are an avid baker looking to experiment into making bread and pastry, I would go for a stand mixer with multiple head attachments.

Electrical hand mixer:

This Kenwood hand mixer is perfect for whipping up not just cream but batches of cakes, meringues, sauces and more. The three-power setting allows you to customise the strength of whisking you require. The detachable whisking heads are stainless steel, easy cleaning and dishwasher safe.

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Stand mixer:

Another Kenwood Mixer, but this time the stand mixer, it is a little bit more robust and bulkier compared to the hand mixer, yet it is still smart looking and unique. This mixer has three fantastic attachments that increase the versatility of the product. The K beater is best for making cookie dough, the whisk great for sauces or meringues, and the dough hook is great for pizzas or breads. This stand mixer is also surprisingly quiet for the size and power.

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3. Cake Tin/Cupcake Cases

Baking a cake will most likely depend on the recipe you are following, but personally we love these springform round cake tins. The quick-release tin allows for you to get the cake out easier, however, do not make the mistake of not greasing as well. These tins also have a long guarantee making them even more durable than they already are.

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If you are looking to make cupcakes or even muffins, we love the reusability of these silicone cases. They are environmentally friendly and also produce the best cupcakes as they provide a really even bake throughout. They are also dishwasher safe and suitable for freezer, microwave, and high oven temperatures.

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4. Oven Thermometer

Although ovens are getting better at holding their temperature, quite a few of the main brand ovens are slightly inaccurate. When it comes down to baking, precision is vital. This oven thermometer will help with cooking times and even baking throughout.

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