• Toby

Top 10: Quirky Kitchen Quote Art

Kitchen quote art is sometimes overlooked by consumers but can add quirkiness or personality to a kitchen. Art in general is a great way to brighten or break up your kitchen walls, and also set a culture or mood (believe it or not). We love kitchen quotes and thought we would share our favourite kitchen quote art stickers and canvasses to help you decorate your kitchen!

1) UKART Set of 6 Kitchen Quote Art Prints

We came across this seller and loved their canvasses. Specifically, their use of colour, pictures and quotes. They are quirky, funny and guaranteed to brighten up a potentially boring kitchen. These canvasses are 8" by 10", which is 20 by 25cm.

Buy Now: £16.99

2) Stonges Kitchen Rules Wall Sticker

This kitchen sticker from Stonges is really awesome. Firstly, we love the fact that the rules are implemented into the wall, making it clear to everyone the rules. Secondly, the sticker is really good vinyl and doesn't ruin the wall. Thirdly, we loved the size of this, it isn't too small that you can't read it but not too big that its imposing (60 by 35cm).

Buy Now: £6.99

3) Magic Posters Coffee Definition Print

Coffee is one of the biggest commodities in the world, and pretty much every household drinks it! We really love coffee and absolutely loved this poster which is so minimalist but also quirky. The quality was remarkable, and can be ordered in different sizes too!

Buy Now: £4.00

They also do an alcohol version which is very cool!

Buy Now: £4.00

4) ufengke Motivational Hard Work Kitchen Wall Art

Given Covid-19, people are starting to work from home and what better way to keep motivated than by seeing this motivational wall art everyday. This is made from removable vinyl and comes in 1 sheet, so you don't need to do every word don't worry!! This product is 120cm by 60cm.

Buy Now: £11.78

5) SUMGAR's Black and Grey Dog Quote Sign

For all you animal lovers, like me, why not get this quirky and funny canvas to add some pet personality to your walls. This product comes in yellow or grey, and is 30cm by 30cm. This order even includes screws and a pre-mounted metal hook. Super easy to put up, and super cute!

Buy Now: £16.99

6) Wall4stickers

These stickers are slightly less quote based, but more art. We really liked the design and the way the words have different sizes and thicknesses, adding a quirky aspect to a potentially bland wall. This specific product is larger than others, at 1.5m by 70cm and uses eco-friendly ink.