• Toby

Top 10: Most Popular Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Essential oils are a relatively old concept, but Aromatherapy is a relatively new concept. Now, households use water diffusers mixed with essential oils to radiate a fragrance. Essential oils yield so many benefits for consumers, and are extremely powerful at lifting moods. Essential oils don't have to just be used for aromatherapy, they can be used for massages, lotions, lip balms or soaps. This review will provide our favourite 10. Note, all products are 100% natural ingredients are not chemically induced.

1) Anjou

If you're relatively new to aromatherapy and don't know which specific flavours you enjoy, then we'd recommend starting with Anjou's Essential Oil 18 bottle set. Each bottle is only 5ml, but that is sufficient to get a flavour for each. This set includes some beautifully curated blends such as Sweet orange, Eucalptus, Tea tree and Rosemary.

Buy Now: £18.99

2) Zennutt

If you're not aware, Tea Tree is really good for humans. TeaTree only grows in Australia, and can be used to treat coughs, colds, skin ailments, acne, hair, cleaning the list goes on and on. However, as an aromatherapy oil, it makes the room smell amazing and fresh, whilst boosting moods. This specific product is 20 ml, so it will last a long time!

Buy Now: £10.91

3) Tisserand

This company specialises in aromatherapy, and have created some of the best essential oils out there. Instead of marketing the traditional smells, this company focusses on mood. So, this mindfulness box focusses on clearing your mind and tranquility. Other products of theirs include motivation, energy, sleep, wellbeing and relaxation. All oils are beautifully packaged, and made with 100% natural blends.

Buy Now: £9.45

4) Esslux

This brand has focussed on unique smells, which really are beautifully crafted. Like most, they're made from 100% natural ingredients, and come in 10ml bottles. With these, you can tell they're premium oils as the smell lingers for hours.

Buy Now: £15.99

5) Aroma Energy

This specific bottle, focusses on anxiety and creating a relaxing calm atmosphere. This bottle is blended with Lavendar, bergamot and Yland Ylang, which creates a strong beautifully refreshing smell that fills an entire room in minutes. This definitely changes mood and relaxes users, with completely natural ingredients. This is also 10ml, so great value for money.

Buy Now: £3.49

6) Aroma Energy

The same brand also creates an amazing sleeping inducing essential oil, which promotes meditation or sleep using its calming strong lavender and camomile notes. This specific bottle is also vegan, made in the uK and therapeutic grade, so you're definitely buying quality.

Buy now: £3.49