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Top 10 Funny Mugs to Gift for Christmas 2020

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

I bet there is not a day that goes by where you don't use a mug. Especially with lockdown, drinking tea and coffee has now become even more habitual. Thats why, if you are stuck for a gift this Christmas or even just want to add a little laugh to your tea breaks, you should totally keep reading this blog.

We have picked out the top ten mugs we think are guaranteed to get a laugh. We do not take any responsibility for any hurt feelings in the process of gifting these mugs 😉

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1) Baldi

Know someone that through the stress of 2020 is losing their hair? This cup is one of our favourites, from the clever wordplay with the well known supermarket Aldi to its top quality ceramic finish it could be the perfect stocking filler. Hopefully it will result in laughter rather than tears.

Buy Now (Amazon): £9.99

2) Are you Childish?

We can think of a few contenders close to us where this mug completely sums them up. Its playful nature is well received by all those that see it. This mug really will suit anyone known to be the office clown and thats why we think it would make a great Secret Santa gift.

Buy Now (Amazon): £8.99

3) Stay In > Drink Booze > Fatten the Curve

Now this should definitely go down for being one of the best mugs as a result of the pandemic. Its twist on the governments advice is comical to all those who read it. "Stay in, drink booze and fatten the curve" not only hints to those who have upped their alcoholic intake over the lockdown but also those who have skipped a dress size. We think this mug is very topical and if you enjoy an Irish coffee, it is also rather literal.

Buy Now (Amazon): £8.99

4) I'm not bossy, I'm the boss!

This could be a great Secret Santa gift for your boss or in our case we could think of a few wives and mothers who relate to this slogan heavily. Its Italic script lends itself to a more female clientele but that does not mean you should rule out gifting it to anyone. I think this would be a great stocking filler for some children who think they are the boss.

Buy Now (Amazon): £12.99

5) Another 8 hours of Pretending to Work

Working hard or hardly working, do you know someone that just blags their way through the work day? This is a fantastic mug that describes just that. We love the colour scheme, it is basic but some how classy. This is a hilarious dig at anyone in your office that doesn't pull their weight.

Buy Now (Amazon): £7.99

6) Definitely Not Vodka

As the days get shorter and shorter towards Christmas, maybe with the stress of lockdown a little tipple of vodka in your hot beverage may not have skipped your mind. If you are looking for someone that loves a midday booze up perhaps this is the mug for them.

Buy Now (Amazon): £6.49

7) LoveTeaBagging

This heat adaptive mug is a classic, we think the element of surprise just makes the gift. The recipient will believe they have just been given a basic black mug, but little do they know once you pour in their favourite hot beverage a cheeky image and caption will be exposed. We would buy this gift just to see their faces drop.

Buy Now (Amazon): £8.99

8) You're on Mute

Working at home is the new norm, and with technology now being in every part of our lives we thinking everyone needs this mug. There is always that one person on the Zoom or Skype call that is always stuck on mute, this mug would be a great gift for that individual as a little reminder as well as a laugh.

Buy Now (Amazon): £10.99

9) UNT

Probably the rudest but innocent acting mug on the market, if you really want to shock the recipient, buy them this mug! It is rather scandalous, only the bravest will gift this mug, is that you?

Buy Now (Amazon): £6.49

10) I survived another meeting...

This is definitely something I would want on my mug. Anyone else feel that now Zoom calling and Skype meeting are so common that people schedule those in for something that could have been sorted in just one email response? Please dont make us change into a shirt and tie for something I could have sorted out in my fluffy jumper. This is a large mug and also comes with a matching coaster, making it a wonderful gift set.

Buy now (Amazon): £10.99

Our Verdict

We believe mugs are the most gifted item for secret Santa. If you are partaking in socially distance Christmas giving tradition, and want to bring a bit more laughter to the end of 2020 gift one of the mugs listed above. We hope we have given you some ideas and relieved a little bit of pressure that Christmas gifting inevitable brings to everyone.

Happy gifting everyone! 🎄

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