• Toby

Top 10: Cool Wine Gadgets for 2020

Wine is an awesome invention, and despite being an ancient art, the technology and gadgets are a relatively new development. Gadgets for wine are aimed at optimising the experience and taste for consumers are essential for any wine-lovers. We think it's imperative for consumers to maximise their wine experience, and in doing so, have compiled a list of our favourite 10 gadgets for 2020.

1) Cheer Moda Wine Aerator

When enjoying wine it's important to air the wine. By improving the air:wine ratio, you give the wine ability to 'breathe' which will enhance the flavours. Usually this is done via a decanter, however, sometimes its nice to enjoy aerated wine quickly. (Note, this is generally done on red wines only). This product by Cheer Moda allows you to aerate as you pour. Their simple yet effective design mixes the wine and adds air to the drink. We found the quality excellent and the design beautiful. The product is also really easy to store away given the ergonomic shape and size. We did find however, that if the product is not securely pushed in that sometimes it can leak from the bottle neck.

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2) Savisto Wine Aerator

This product is also an aerator, but with a slightly different design and method. We found that this product was more effective at aerating, despite being almost half the price. This aerator also has an in-built filter which removes any unwanted sediments creating a smoother wine. We did find however that you have to pour the wine quite slowly or risk over filling. Nevertheless, a great product, perfect for a gift or yourself.

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3) Good-One Wine Glass Holder

This product might seem random, but it's really cool. Good-One have created a silicone glass holder which attached on bathroom walls. In doing so, allowing you to drink wine whilst in the bath. Perfect for that Friday night relax! We did find that this product is stuck via adhesion, and not suction. Although this is a much stronger bond, it does mean its not removable frequently.

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4) GreenField Collection Wine Cooler Bag

If you regularly go to day events, food festivals, air shows or any other day's out then you'll want to check this product out. GreenField has created a beautiful designed portable wine cooler bag which can store 1 bottle, 2 glasses, napkins, bottle openers and more. This product comes in a variety of colours (navy blue, forest green, mulberry red, sky blue and multicoloured) and ensures chilled wines for 5-7 hours. The only downside is that the wine isn't included!.

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5) Vacu Vin Wine Saver

If you don't like consuming an entire bottle in one night, and want to save some for other days then this is here to save the bottle. Wine, if not air tight, will spoil over time but this Vacu Vin Winer saver will prevent this. This purchase comes with 4 stoppers and 1 pump, and essentially allows you to create a vacuum within the bottle (by pumping out the air which causes deterioration) and preserving the wine for days. A must have for any solo or slow wine drinkers!