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Top 10 Best Toastie Machines

TheKitchenBlog has researched deeply into what appliances you need for the kitchen (so you dont need to!), and this article will be going into depth about the top 10 machines to help you get the perfect toastie! This blog should help you decide which appliance is best for you.

1. Salter 3-in-1 Snack Maker

With its versatile detachable non-stick plates, this appliance is capable of making toasties, paninis and waffles. At 900W this machine is in the mid-range for power, but it can still make your food in under 10 minutes. It has a very easy user interface, such as indicator lights to let you know when it is hot enough to use. The stainless-steel plates are easy to clean but they are not suitable for the dishwasher. This machine does not have any temperature control or thickness variety, so it is not suitable for those that want to experiment more. The Salter 3-in-1 snack maker comes with 1-year warranty.

Buy Now: £28.94

2. Breville Toastie Maker

The Breville machine does not have interchangeable plates so it is just capable of making deep filled toasted sandwiches, however, they are sealed and pre-cut. The stainless-steel sandwich plates are non-stick and easily removed, making them easy to clean especially as they are dishwasher safe. Slightly less power than the Salter snack maker (850W) this machine is still able to make a good toastie in a few minutes. The light indicators also makes it easier to know when the machine is hot enough to use. The Breville machine also comes with 1-year warranty.

Buy Now: £33.98

3. George Foreman Grill

George Foreman grill has a very diverse capability of making toasties, paninis, grilled meat/fish, grilled cheese and more. This machine is quite low powered (760W), making it very energy efficient, but it will mean your food takes longer to cook. The grill is on a slant, allowing any fat and grease to drip straight into the excess tray, this makes the nutritional value of your food a lot higher, and it also makes the machine easier to clean. This machine is quite small, making it more suitable for individual or couple cooking. The George Foreman comes with a 2-year warranty.

Buy Now: £27.85

4. Cuisinart Griddle

A slightly more professional appliance, which is capable of making toasties, paninis, grilled meat/fish, grilled cheese and more. This smart machine is very powerful (1600W) and can cook toasties a lot quicker. It can also facilitate healthier cooking with the integrated drip tray. This product is compact and easy to store with reversible grill plates. This product, despite being more expensive than the others, has a 5-year warranty included.

Buy Now: £87.99

5. Salter XL 4 in 1 snack maker

Another salter product, however this one is capable of making toasties, paninis, omelettes and waffles. Like the other product, the power is 900w (which is plenty for any toastie) and the non-stick technology makes cleaning even easier. It's worth noting though that it is not dishwasher safe. This machine also has lights to notify when the machine is hot, making it easier for you to use. Comes with 1-year warranty.

Buy Now: £62.11

6. Tower sandwich maker

This product is cheaper than the rest, so perfect for students or those on a budget. Nevertheless, this machine is still capable of making perfect toasties, however, cant make paninis or waffles like the others. This tower product has a sensible 900W power, with non-stick ceramic plates. This makes heating up quick and cleaning even easier. Comes with 2-year warranty

Buy Now: £19.99

7. DEIK 6-in-1 sandwich grill

Another versatile product, capable of making paninis, waffles, grilled meat/fish, and much more.

This highly powered (1200W) grill allows for precise temperature control with their gauge. The grill opens up and can be used two grills, increasing the versatility of it. Due to the size and power, this is a perfect option for families. The detachable grill parts are easy to clean and can be machine washed. Comes with two-year warranty.

Buy Now: £69.99

8. Morphy Richards Mico Toastie

Another fantastic Morphy Richards product. Their innovative product allows tasoties to be made in the microwave, and not a grill. This handy little gadget is brilliant for the times where you can't get to a grill (such as work or university). Despite the size, its still able to make a toastie in just minutes. Best of all, the whole device is dishwasher safe, but if you prefer hand washing then the non-stick technology makes it easy to clean.

Buy Now: £24.99

9. Diablo snack maker

This small but deceiving product is capable of making really quick toasted snacks. This brilliant gadget is perfect for any kitchen that has a gas/electric stove, also fabulous for camping as there is no electricity required. When you are finished, the Diablo can just go straight into the dishwasher, so there is no extra cleaning up to do. The ceramic material makes it non-stick, so it is very easy to work with.

Buy Now: £20.95

10. Toaster bags

These original toastie bags have been a great addition to many households. They are capable of making fabulous grilled sandwiches without the need for a grill. You can easily make a toastie (or other things) in a toaster. They come in bags of 10 and are reusable, brilliant for students and the environment. They are heat resistant to 250’C, meaning they're perfectly safe!

Buy Now: £11.99

Our Verdict.

If you want something super easy to do then toaster bags or the microwavable Mico is your best bet, they allow quick and easy toasties to be made without a grill. However, if you want something professional then the DEIK 6-in-1 sandwich grill is probably your best bet as its super powerful and can be used for other things too. But, if you want something in the middle, then Tower's toastie maker is perfect.

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