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The Ultimate Tassimo Pod Guide 2020

Tassimo coffee machines, owned by Bosch, are amazing. They make the coffee making experience effortless, whilst still offering quality and good price. We recently reviewed our favourite Tassimo Machines, so it's only fair we now review our favourite pods! One of the best advantages about Tassimo Pod Machines is that third parties manufacturers make their own branded coffee, using the T-pods. As a result, consumers have a variety and ability to fine tune their favourite coffee.

1) Costa Coffee Pods

Costa is known for its high quality coffee, and these costa t-discs bring that barista-quality to your home. Costa really are the leaders in Tassimo pods, and have a huge variety available (Americano, Cappuccino and Latte to name a few). The milk disc in this Costa Cappuccino pack is not just a perfect compliment to the roasted coffee bean disc, but is also the correct size so that way you are able to maintain the ratios, and serve it with hot frothy milk just like a trained barista. They are very reasonably priced too, each drink just 50p!

Buy Now: £19.93

2) L'OR

These pods are great value for money, and taste amazing! One of Tassimo's best selling products is the Latte Macchiato, which is essentially a less intense layered cappuccino. We found these products less creamy and more sweet than competitors, but overall, a perfect cup of coffee. Just like the photo shows below the Tassimo machine, with these t-discs are capable of the layered frothed milk. The machines also perfectly blend this product. Each drink comes to a total of 54p.

Buy now: £21.41

3) Kenco

Kenco is a massive supermarket product, which produces great instant coffee. They have partnered with Tassimo and used their arabica beans from Colombia to create a variety of coffee drinks. Kenco sell Americano's, cappuccinos, flat whites, Mochas and even decaf too! Overall, each drink is 23p, so it is one of the cheaper options, but the quality does not suffer. Each drink has a smooth but balanced taste.

Buy Now: £18.50

4) Jacobs

Jacobs Espresso Ristretto is one of the strongest drinks we've come across. This pod creates an intense rich taste of coffee, which fills the room a beautiful coffee aroma too!. Those espresso drinkers will love this product, which can be ordered in bulk too (5,10,15 or 20 packs at a time). Each t-disc comes to a total of 28p.

Buy Now: £22.45

4) Cadburys

Sometimes we fancy a less caffeinated drink, and something more sweet. The perfect way around this is Cadbury's hot chocolate t-discs. One of the biggest advantages to Tassimo machines (compared with Nespresso machines) is that the machine can make coffee, tea and other hot drinks. The hot chocolate produced was thick, indulgent and topped with a lovely froth. Overall, strongly recommend! In total, a t-disc is 43p.

Buy Now: £17.35

5) Oreo

Lastly, why not try a hot and frothy Oreo drink. An exclusive brand deal between Oreo and Tassimo, which produces an amazingly creamy chocolate Oreo flavoured hot drink, perfect for kids or those with a sweet tooth. The product is reasonably priced too, at 24p per drink.

Buy Now: £19.95

6) Twinings English Breakfast

Another drink you can enjoy with a Tassimo machine is a hot tea. Twinnings make a lovely green tea and mint, which tastes far better than the usual tea bags. They have a variety on Amazon, but these are our favourite. However, each drink is 56p.

Buy Now: £8.98

7) Mix & Match

Lastly, if you cant decide or want to enjoy a mixture of flavours, we would strongly recommend a mix and match. Perfect for those with families, in offices or just wide preferences. For a pack of 5 (from a choice of 32) it will cost you £18.95.

Buy Now: £18.95

Our Verdict

Overall if you are not too sure which brew to buy, we recommend a mix and match, that way you can pick and chose depending on the day.

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