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The Ultimate Pie Making Essentials

Pies are a universal dessert that can be eaten all year round, whether it is a hot apple pie to warm you on a winters night or a sweet lemon meringue pie to complement the BBQ party, the one thing both have in common is the creating. We have comprised this blog to help you get ready to bake the nights away, creating your favourite concocted pies with minimal effort and equipment. This is the beginners guide for buying the best equipment for your first show-stopping pie.

1) Scales

This sleek yet simple kitchen scale is ultimately a steal when it comes to the price and the durability of it. Unlike others, it has a robust stainless steel design which has a detachable bowl too.  It's 2-year warranty ensures you can have confidence in its ability to fulfil your baking aspirations. Batteries and the weighing bowl are included, so you will be ready to go once you receive your Etekcity Scales.

Buy Now: £19.99

2) Mixing Bowl or Food Processor

Pastries are made by using a rubbing in method, so you are unlikely to need or use a stand mixer for this one. You can either use your fingertips in wide mixing bowl, like the one pictured or if you wish not to get your hands as messy, we recommend using a food processor and just pulsing the contents.

Buy Now: £18.00

Buy Now: £33.95

3) Rolling Pin

Most people have a rolling pin shoved down the back of their hectic baking cupboard, but if you don't, or if yours is looking worse for wear, we recommend this high-quality rolling pin. Most rolling pins have handles or nubbins on the ends of the rolling pins, whilst baking pastry it is often more helpful if the rolling pin is plain to help maintain even thickness.

Buy Now: £5.50

4) Dough Scrapper

The dough scraper is a fantastic addition to your baking inventory, not only does it help with the cleaning up of the dough on your kitchen sides, but it also is very useful in partitioning the dough into more useful sizes. The Amazon basics product does the job perfectly.  

Buy Now: £8.99

5) Pie Pan

We think this pie pan is pretty impressive, unlike many traditional pie pans, this one has more of a similarity to cake tins. With its detachable base it allows you to remove the pie from the tin, so that you can present your freshly baked pie, and easily cut it too. This non-stick 8.8" pan, is the perfect size for a plethora of different recipes, not just pie but quiches too.

Buy Now: £13.99

6) Pastry Brush

There are two great uses for this brush and that is just whilst cooking a pie, it is very versatile in other creations, such as basting. Silicone is a great material when it comes down to working egg and butter, as it is easily washed off, this brush is actually dishwasher suitable as well. You can use egg white, milk or butter to create that famous sheen on your pastry top.

Buy Now; £1.97

7) Pastry Blender

As mentioned prior, the process in which you make pastry is very delicately with your fingertips, but it is also possible to use this pastry blender. With its silicone grip it is easy to use with its rocking motion. Its heavy duty stainless steel not only makes it a very durable item, but also makes it effortless to clean.

Buy Now: £6.99

8) Pie Weights

Its a common phrase on the Great British Bake Off, and one that makes you feel like a pro chef, if used properly. These pie weights are required to bake a pie blind. It is a process that allows for even cooking of the pie crust and the prevention of the ultimate soggy bottom. Not every type of pie requires to be blind baked, but for under £10 this is most definitely an item that we would want to keep stored in the cupboard. There are reusable, so really, this is just a one time purchase.

Buy Now: £8.99

9) Pastry Wheel

Similar to a pizza cutter, this pastry shell is used to cut the idealistic shapes into the pastry, providing you with increased creativity whilst baking. They come in many shapes and sizes, but as a basic addition to your pie baking accessories, we think this product ticks every box. It is dishwasher safe and also comes with a 25 year guarantee, so it definitely cannot disappoint.

Buy Now: £4.99

10) Pie Server

After putting all that effort in, why not serve your pie professionally with this specifically designed triangular pie server. This can also be used on cakes, and the serrated edge makes it even easier to cut slices.

Buy Now: £4.99

Our Verdict

Good luck with the pie baking, and do not forget to enjoy. We hope this blog has helped you decide on the necessary accessories for your pie baking. If you do make a pie, feel free to send us your pictures or message us on social media, we love to see our readers products or baking!

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