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The Ultimate Homemade Pizza Equipment List

Is it just us or is there a specific day in the week where you too just crave a delicious fresh pizza, fo us its got to be a Saturday. In this blog we have found and reviewed everything that you will need to re-create your favourite pizzas in the comfort of your own home.

Glass Bowl

The preparation of pizza is most definitely just as important as the toppings or even the cooking, as it is the dough that will make or break your creation. Using a glass bowl for mixing your dough is one of the many crucial steps in the dough making process. During the process of making dough, you may well know that it has to rest to allow it to double in size, a glass bowl gives the dough the best opportunity to do just that. Arcuisine has created a large bowl (2L) to allow for dough to grow, at an affordable price. This bowl isn't limited to just dough prep, it can be used for anything, and it being ovenproof, freezer proof, microwavable and dishwasher safe makes the versatility is endless.

Buy Now: £5.49

Rolling Pin

We love this GOBAM rolling pin so much, it is so classy and the results are phenomenal. This rolling pin is made of a premium beechwood, it is made to last. Its surface is covered in a smooth lacquer, so that you dont get any burrs and it is more hygienic, none of the bacteria you are cooking with can harvest in the crevices and pores.

Buy Now: £8.40

Dough Cutter

A dough cutter may not seem like a necessary purchase, but it sure makes the pizza making much easier. It has a simple yet modern design that allows you to get the most out of the product. The scraping helps clean your kitchen surfaces, as sticky dough can be a nightmare to try and remove. The cutting edge helps make even portions, so no more fighting about who gets the bigger pizza. Another added bonus this product provides is a measurement, it has a scale on it making your baking even more precise. once you are finished with the product it can be cleaned hassle free in the dishwasher.

Buy Now: £3.99

Pizza Oven

A pizza oven may seem a bit of a silly purchase, why can't you just use your actual oven? Well here are some of the major benefits: cooking time is reduced to just 5 minutes with this gadget, its compact structure helps retain all the aromas back into the pizza, its 400 degrees temperature replicates the pizza furnaces, providing the most delectable pizzas out there, and there is no smoke or bad odours from burning firewood with this sleek pizza gadget. An added bonus is that you just need some electrics to work it, a pizza oven you can take with you on your trips away.

Buy Now: £119.99

Pizza Stone

Most of your restaurant quality pizzas would have been cooke on a pizza stone because it can evenly distribute the heat and provide that crispiness to the crusts. You can use your pizza stone in a pizza furnace, a regular oven and even a bbq. The stone will heat unto approximately 300 degrees within minutes. We really like this Blumtal set as one, it comes with a long-handled peel to help you get pizzas in and out the oven without burning yourself, and two, unlike many other stones this one is rectangular, which allows you to be a little more inventive with you pizza making, because who said pizzas have to be circles.

Buy Now: £39.99

Pizza Mat

This odd creation has more to it than first meets the eye. It is a non stick mat, so it is perfect for working with sticky dough, it is made of fibre glass and silicone, making it easy to clean and durable for all the future uses. Its printed measurements, make it easy to work with when consistency is key, making the same size pizzas can be difficult, but not with this handy tool. A slightly unknown benefit of these mats is that they can also be used to bake the produce on, remarkable right, it just makes the baking so much easier, no more awkward balancing the pizza and toppings from tray to tray, it is its own baking tray.

Buy Now: £15.99

Pizza Tray

If you are cooking a pizza in the oven, whether you made it yourself from scratch or if its your back up from the freezer, the baking process is still very important and enhancing it anyway possible is desirable. This KitchenCraft tray promises an evenly distributed crisp on your pizza, it is the holes in the tray and the non-stick properties that contribute to the perfect pizza crust.

Buy Now: £8.79

Pizza Wheel

Once your masterpiece has cooked its time to indulge, and if you are feeling kind evenly distribute it with you friends, this pizza wheel is fantastic and slicing your pizza with ease. OXO good grips product are renowned for their high quality, and this product is no exception.

Buy Now: £15.69

Our Verdict

I think we will be having pizza tonight now. I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and are inspired to make you own pizzas now, here is our favourite dough recipe. If we were going to buy just one thing from this list, I think it would have to be the pizza stone, its a really cheap way of getting restaurant quality pizzas in your own home.

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