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The Ultimate Guide to LED strips for all Kitchens (2021)

It's clear to say that LED's have exploded in recent years for their insane benefits: cheaper running costs, longer run time and ability to customise the colour. Everywhere you go, LED seems to be the way forward, whether it be LED outdoor lights, LED bathroom lights or even LED cabinet lights.

The newest trend seems to be LED strips, which offer ambient lighting, fun control and beautiful backdrops. You may have noticed fancy 'desk setup' videos on YouTube, beautiful kitchen LED sets up or even full lighting-tech tv shows (e.g the Gadget Show). Wherever you've seen them, you may be looking for some consumer friendly advice, and real honest opinions. This article will do exactly that, and show you the top 5 best LED strips on the market for your Kitchen (or anywhere in the house for that matter)

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1) Govee 10M LED Light Strip (best budget)

Govee are one of the biggest LED brands on Amazon, and we can see why. We first bought this product to test, but have ended up kitting out our Kitchen with more of these because the quality is fantastic at this price range. What really sets this product apart from competitors is their very own Govee app, which allows you to easily create your own scenes, programme different colour for different times and even link up to music. Like most, their products are also compatible with Alexa too. Overall fantastic purchase!


- Control: Alexa, Govee App

- Lumens: not disclosed, but we'd estimate around 1500

2) TP-Link 20M Dreamcolour LED Strip (best brand)

TP-link are a household brand that many will know for their network products and smart home devices. We were, therefore, not hesitant to try out their LED light strips as soon as we could. We found these light strips to better handle darker colours and warm whites than Govee. Their apps were very similar in terms of capabilities, but the Kasa app was definitely more "modern" feel and user experience. The game changer for me though was you could have multiple colours on the same strip, whereas on some Govee products you can't.


- Control: Alexa, Google Home, Kasa App, Voice

- Lumens: 1400

- Colour temperature: 2500k-9000k

3) Phillips Hue White & Colour Ambiance Smart LED Strip (best luxury)

Phillips are renowned for lighting and LEDs, and although are expensive, they are without a doubt the best. This specific product is the perfect starter kit - at just 2m long its perfect for your bank of kitchen countertops.


- Control: Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Phillips App

- Lumens: 950-1600

- Colour temperature: 2000-6500k

4) Phillips Hue Gradient Lightstrip (best for TV)

If you're looking for something more for you kitchen TV, then the the Phillips Hue Gradient Lightstrip is the one for you! This lightstrip produces phenomenal colours which really are superbly blended and merged (you'll never see the individual colours on the walls ). These bulbs are super bright too! The only downsides we can think of is that a) you'll need a Phillips bridge (sold separately) for this to work, and if you did want to connect it up to your TV then you'll also need a HDMI sync box (also sold separately).


- Control: Alexa, Google Home, Kasa App, Voice

- Lumens: 1400

- Colour temperature: 2500k-900k

5) Elgato Light Strip - (best for computer)

Elgato are predominately a gaming brand, who specialise in green screens, audio, camera, capture cards and anything gaming/streaming related. As such, they've made a fantastically high quality LED light strips, which are designed for computers, but nothings to stop you from using these on in your kitchen - perhaps your office is in your kitchen area? One of the best advantages of this product is that they can be controlled via your desktop too (Windows & Mac), meaning you don't always have to pick up your phone or shout to Alexa. Oh, and these are so bright on full whack!


- Control: Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, Stream Deck, Siri

- Lumens: 2000

- Colour temperature: 3500-6500k


1. Are LED light strip safe?

Yes, they don't produce any heat like a traditional bulb does and if they short circuit they just cut out.

2. How do you install LED strips?

Super easily, most come with a sticky back which you peel off and affix to most surfaces. Some even come with corner clips to help with bending. After that, simply plug in and connect to your phone/wifi

3. Are they actually "cheap" to run?

Yes, you will hardly notice a difference on your electricity bill.


Out of all the products we've reviewed, our favourite has to be TP-Link's LED light strip. They provide the best functionality at an affordable price. When directly comparing these with the Phillips Hue products, we didn't notice a difference in light clarity or colour capabilities.

Drop a message in the comments if you found this helpful, or even send your pics in! 💡

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