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The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Ideas (2020)

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Fathers day is soon approaching, and for some it's a wonderful time, yet for others it's a stressful time trying to find a gift. If you're struggling for gifts, then this blog might help you! If your father is an avid chef, a pro baker or a BBQ king, this blog will have a little something for everyone’s dad. This blog will show a variety of gifts from these posts as well as some new exciting products we think your father will love. To help structure this for you, we've ordered them in price brackets.

Best gifts under £15

1. Beer glass

This beer class is an essential for any father in the house. This contemporary glass with its printed slogan, is a smart and quirky gift for a beer loving dad. It has a smart gift box making it easy to wrap (or store), but it is even good enough to present straight away.

The glass is a not super-thin, and holds a pint perfectly. We suggest putting the class in the freezer 10 minutes before a beer to make the drink even colder!

Buy now: £14.95

2. Dad Apron

If your dad is an awesome chef or you want to give his ego a bigger boost to show him how much you appreciate him this Fathers day, this is the perfect gift for you.

This machine-washable apron can prevent any cooking juices, any food spilages or drink ruining your clothes. The pockets allow quick access (such as bottle opener!) and is made from a cotton blend.

Buy Now: £9.95

3. Cake Topping Wafers

If you prefer to show your appreciation with home made treats, or your Father enjoys baking, then these cake toppers are the perfect finish to your cupcakes or muffins.

Each order receives 27 wafers which are printed onto a thick wafer, which are fully edible!

Buy Now: £2.69

4. BBQ sign

If your father is anything like mine, he likes people to know he is the king of the BBQ. Why don't you give him the recognition he deserves with his retro gift.

This signage promotes the typical texan BBQ vibes and could be hanged above the BBQ, on the wall, or anywhere inside the house.

Buy Now: £7.90

5. Beer cooling sticks

Father's Day always lands in the middle of British summer, these beer cooling sticks will be a life saver for keeping your fathers' drinks cool.

Buy Now: £9.95

6. Branding Iron

How cool would it be to serve up your Father's Day meal with your dads name branded onto his steak. this branding iron is a bargain of a gift, priced even below £10.

Buy Now: £14.97

Best gifts under £30

1. Personalised chopping boards

If your father is a regular in the kitchen, then these personalised chopping boards are the perfect sentimental gift!

The boards are laser engraved, made from natural bamboo and come in a variety of designs, so its definitely worth checking them out!

Buy Now: £21.95

2. Picnic Wine Cooler

This product from Greenfield Collection is amazing. The wine coolers allows you to transport a bottle and 2 glasses. Perfect for picnics, airshows, BBQs etc. The collection comes in different colour options (blue, green, red and multi) and different sizes (deluxe, solo and duo)

Buy Now: £24.99

3. Breakfast Board

This breakfast board enables the perfect egg breakfast. Perfect for actual fathers day, or just a gift for general use, but allowes 3 eggs to be held within the board. Unfortuantely the board is not personalisable (like the previous) but it is designed for fathers day with the 'egg-cellent'.

Buy Now: £19.99

4. Whisky Glass and Ice set

If your father enjoys some whisky (or any liqour) then this gift is remarkable. This set includes a rocking whiskey glass and an ice cube mould which creates perfect spheres.

Buy Now: £23.95

5. Hot Sauce Kit

This product is for those brave well-travelled dad's who like various hot sauces. Included are 15 sauces ranging on the Scoville scale (ie how spicy it is). Our favourite is the smoking Jamaican!

Buy Now: £25.99

Best gifts under £50:

1. BBQ tool kit

BBQ's are a big part of British summers and dad's love to have all the tools! This kit will allow a perfectly cooked BBQ for you all to enjoy. Everything is made to a beautiful standard (stainless steel, non-stick, dishwasher safe) and even includes a case for storage (or transport).

Buy Now: £42.69

2. Drinks cooler

Following on from the BBQ theme, this drinks cooler is a perfect addition to the garden when enjoying a summer party or BBQ. This products has a 3-1 design. The product can be used as a seat, a coffee table, or a drinks cooler (with ice).

Buy Now: £49.99

3. Cheeseboard Set

This cheeseboard is perfect for any dinner party, home-cooked valentines meal or a family celebration. Like the personalised chopping board, this is made from natural bamboo.

Buy Now: £48.95

4. Speaker

If your father needs a speaker for the garden, gym, garage or even kitchen then Anker is the best value for money. At just 40 pounds this speaker certainly packs a punch with crisp high ends and deep bass.

Buy Now: £40.99

5. Gin making kit

Bored in lockdown? Love gin? Dont want to pay for boring gins? Then look no further, this gin making kit is perfect for a summer project! This kit will easily make 3 bottles of gin with a variety of flavours being used to suit any specific tastes.

Buy Now: £49.99

Best gifts under £100:

1. Portable BBQ

This portable wine cooler is very fancy. This allows the perfect BBQ to be cooked on the go, whether it be the beach, the park, or a friends house. This clever design allows seamless storage and transport. This gift pairs perfectly with the BBQ tool kit or the portable wine cooler!

Buy Now: £55.75

2. Amazon Echo

If your Father needs a speaker but wants more funtionalisty then the Amazon Echo is the best on the market. The beautiful sound coupled with the clever smart-technology creates the perfect gift for this years fathers day.

Buy Now: £89.99

3. Nutribullet

Lastly, perhaps your fathers wants to get healthier this summer. Blenders are the perfect way to enjoy fruit, and no better time to purchase for summer!

Nutribullet really is the market leader when it comes to blenders. This product comes with a big cup, small cup, a lid, and the blades.

Buy Now: £57.83

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