• Toby

The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Ideas (2020)

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Fathers day is soon approaching, and for some it's a wonderful time, yet for others it's a stressful time trying to find a gift. If you're struggling for gifts, then this blog might help you! If your father is an avid chef, a pro baker or a BBQ king, this blog will have a little something for everyone’s dad. This blog will show a variety of gifts from these posts as well as some new exciting products we think your father will love. To help structure this for you, we've ordered them in price brackets.

Best gifts under £15

1. Beer glass

This beer class is an essential for any father in the house. This contemporary glass with its printed slogan, is a smart and quirky gift for a beer loving dad. It has a smart gift box making it easy to wrap (or store), but it is even good enough to present straight away.

The glass is a not super-thin, and holds a pint perfectly. We suggest putting the class in the freezer 10 minutes before a beer to make the drink even colder!

Buy now: £14.95

2. Dad Apron

If your dad is an awesome chef or you want to give his ego a bigger boost to show him how much you appreciate him this Fathers day, this is the perfect gift for you.

This machine-washable apron can prevent any cooking juices, any food spilages or drink ruining your clothes. The pockets allow quick access (such as bottle opener!) and is made from a cotton blend.

Buy Now: £9.95

3. Cake Topping Wafers

If you prefer to show your appreciation with home made treats, or your Father enjoys baking, then these cake toppers are the perfect finish to your cupcakes or muffins.

Each order receives 27 wafers which are printed onto a thick wafer, which are fully edible!

Buy Now: £2.69