• Toby

The Ultimate Coffee & Barista Accessory List - 2020

Here at TheKitchenBlog, we love coffee. We have tried and tested so many different types of machines, beans, ground, milk and everything in-between. We are on a mission to provide you with the best information to inform your purchase, and today we hope to do that. This post will showcase some of our favourite coffee and barista accessories which we think are (non)essential.

Coffee and Barista Gadgets and Accessories

1) Artlive Insulated Coffee Cup

If you have a certain technique at home, or favourite product you use to curate your favourite coffee, why not use this double walled insulated coffee flask to carry it with you on the go! This mug keeps your drink warm for hours, literally hours! Similarly, you can add an iced latte and it'll keep that cold for hours.

We found this mug really easy to drink from and hold, with the outside keeping cool and not burning your hands (because of the vacuum). We loved the matte black colour and the overall design. The lid has a really good tight screw, unlike others, meaning you'll never spill or leak your drink on the go.

Artlive insulated coffee cup, double walled travel mug with vacuum insulation and stainless steel reusable cup

Buy Now: £11.99

2) Nespresso Coffee Holder

If you're a Nespresso fan and are addicted to their pods and machines then we strongly recommend using this pod holder. We find without this our pods are never neat or ordered, making it harder to find the pod we want. This design, not only looks really stylish, but make finding your pod so easy.

A must have for any Nespresso drinkers.

Nespresso stylish coffee pod holder and organiser

Buy Now: £11.99

3) Chocolate Shaker with 16 Stencils

If you like to make barista-quality coffee at home, then this product will help. Essentially, this is a shaker with a filter, which can be used for chocolate, cinnamon or any other spice you desire. The product comes with 16 different stencils, allowing you to decorate and craft your own branded coffee at home, whilst adding to the taste.

Our favourite Stencil is the coffee bean outline, what would be yours?

Buy Now: £6.95

4) Tassimo Coffee Holder

Tasssimo make great machines, and with that comes pods. Pods are revolutionary to the coffee world, but sometimes can clutter up your kitchen. This is somewhat more pertinent for Tassimo given some products require two pods per drink and also the pods are a lot bigger than others.

This specific product can be ordered in different sizes and colours too (black or chrome and 56 or 60).