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The Ultimate Buying Guide to Home-Made Pasta 2020

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Maybe you picked up cooking from scratch in lockdown or want to impress your dinner dates with freshly made pasta, either way this blog will help you impress and showcase your skills. Of course it all begins with the dough and the good thing about making it all from scratch is that you can accommodate to dietary requirements, we have linked our favourite recipe in our verdict, go check it out.

1) Mixing Bowl

OXO is a renowned brand for cooking supplies and we love their mixing bowls. These set of 3 Good Grips bowls will be a fab addition to any household, whether you are cooking for a family or just yourself. They are easy to clean, but also fit nicely into the dishwasher.

Buy Now: £20.73

2) Rolling Pin

We understand you are likely to have a rolling pin in your top drawer already, but we wanted to take the time to review this for you just incase. This GOBAM rolling pin is made from high quality beechwood, so you will be making a worthwhile investment, as the durability of this premium wood is second to none. Its sleek surface definitely doesn't have any burrs, which is what makes it a great rolling pin for creating smooth pasta surfaces.

Buy Now: £7.64

3) Pasta Machine

Marcato Atlas has engineered a beautiful pasta machine, that is sleek and sustainable. Its Italian heritage and chrome aesthetic makes it an appliance must have. This machine is able to make Lasagne, Fettuccine and Tagliolini pasta but it can also be used for making pitta bread, again noodles and dumpling cases. This machine is also compatible with 12 different pasta attachments that can be bought separately if you want to adventure with you machine a little more. This is a top end machine and is definitely worth the investment.

Buy Now: £62.00

4) Pasta Drying Rack

This device may seem a bit abstract, but it is a necessity in creating the best pasta. The drying rack ensures that shape and structure are desirable before cooking it. This compact design is definetly the best in the market for us, its tall innotave design allows it to hold upto 2 kg of pasta at a time. When you are finished with it, it is easily cleaned and stored hassle free.

Buy now: £19.99

5) Ravioli cutters

One of our personal favourite pastas is ravioli, eating it delightful but making it is so fun, you can determine a lot about the person as to what they put in their ravioli. There are many ways to make ravioli but the traditional ravioli cutters are a must have in your drawer if you count yourself a pasta connoisseur. Simply just use them as a stamp, totally foolproof.

Buy Now: £5.49

6) Ravioli Press

If you wanted to try something new, this gadget is definitely one for you. It is versatile properties does not limit it just to pasta ravioli, the press is also great for making dumplings, samosas and pies. In this package you get 3 different sizes of mould, so you can really venturesome with you creations. They are easily cleaned but can be put into the dishwasher.

Buy Now: £6.49

7) Gnocchi Board

This traditional gnocchi board also doubles up and is fantastic for making Garganelli pasta, using the wooden rod to support the pasta and the board to create the desired striped effect. There is little more to say about this product other than that if you can master the technique, the results are sure to blow you away.

Buy Now: £8.90

8) Spaghetti Measurer

Hopefully if you re making the pasta from scratch you will have a rough idea of how many your batch will serve, if the pasta making hasn't gone to plan having dried spaghetti in the pantry is always a great back up. This spaghetti measurer is a life saver and saves so much food wastage. Simply just push the pasta through the desired quantity section, and that is the perfect serving size, you will find yourself cooking for the household not the village.

Buy Now: £2.99

9) All in one 11 piece set

This eleven piece set will definitely be a valuable gift to any food lover or budding chef, it has everything you require to make a range of pasta types including ravioli, tagliatelle and gnocchi. The utensils it comes with are handcrafted from premium beechwood so it is long lasting and of the highest quality. The flour it comes with is of the highest grade and makes the best pasta, we will definitely be hunting down that brand.

Buy Now: £59.00

10) Parmesan grater

Finally once you have created you home made fresh pasta and have concocted a delectable sauce, you will need to top it off with that infamous Parmesan. This OXO grater is a sturdy product that is easy to handle and maintain, it is dishwasher safe but also comes with a guarantee if you encounter any issues. It is the best grater for Parmesan in our opinion, but that it not the only produce that it can be used for, it is also great for chocolate shaving on your bakes.

Buy Now: £9.00

Our Verdict

Pasta definitely makes up the majority of our meals, so why not learn to make it from scratch, we use Jamie Olivers Recipe and added bonus you only need two ingredients. Whether you are a beginner or competent in the kitchen, we recommend purchasing the pasta machine straight away, as it provides you with the idealistic thickness of pasta, and gives a true representation of the process.

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