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The Many Ways to Cook Crispy Chips

In the UK we call them chips, but they have multiple names worldwide for the same thing, including fries, frites, tatties and I am sure there are many more. Either way, we want to make them at home, and here are just a few ways you can do just that.

Deep Fat Fryer

The traditional deep fat fried potato is one that we are all most familiar with, it is the method most of the food retailers use to get that desirable crunchy outside and hot soft inner. We have decided to review our favourite affordable fat fryer at the moment so that you can recreate the best fries you have ever had. SWAN has created a fat fryer that will feed you family, it has the capacity to fry 1kg of chips at a time, which means no more batch frying and everyone gets to enjoy the hottest chips. Another bonus to this purchase, is that it is easy cleaning, with many detachable parts, once you have removed the excess oil it simply can just be wiped out. The SWAN machine, has many different temperature settings, so you are not limited to cooking only French fries, its versatility is endless.

Buy Now: £45.03

Air Fryer

The new and trendy air fryers have broken the internet with their tasty results and minimal added calories. If you are looking for a guilt free way to eat your body weight in chips then these air fryers are for you. This ProBreeze air fryer is one of the most affordable large capacity machines around. Its super heated cyclone technology means that you can quickly cook food with little or no oil in fact, from boring spud to tasty chips in just 20 minutes. This air fryer is even easier to clean than a conventional fat fryer due to the lack of oil, and all the detachable components fit easily into a dishwasher.

We have created a separate blog about a variety of different air fryers and each of their benefits if that is something you are interested in, click here.

Buy Now: £79.99

On the Hob

If you are not looking to spend out on more appliances to add to your collection but still want the desirable qualities that they can offer, this deep fat frying pan is the perfect solution. Whether you are cooking with gas or electric, this premium pan works on both, and when you are done it all goes in the dishwasher making your life even easier. When cooking on the hob, there isn't an indication of the temperature you are cooking with, we recommend purchasing a thermometer If you want your chip frying to be even more precise. It is quite a large pan and its use is not limited to being a fat fryer, it can also be used as a conventional pot.

Buy Now: £31.19

In the Oven

Cooking chips in the oven has become the norm, with oven chips stacking up in our freezers, but what if we said there was a method that can transform your home made ships into those crispy fat-fried replicas. This oven tray, works by evenly distributing the cooking and getting that nice brown crisp on your chip. Due to its mesh like feature, it works in a similar way to the air fryer, so you dont have to add lots of oil to get the desirable results. Its non stick properties is also what contributes to the even cooking, and as an added bonus you dont even need to turn your fries midway through cooking.

Buy Now: £9.89


If you are anything like us, you will want you hard efforts to be noticed and appreciated, this handy little gadget however will boost those compliments even more. The KitchenCraft potato chipper helps you produce restaurant quality fries. The consistency in shape and size doesn't just make it look beautiful and professional on the plate but will also help provide even cooking. Long are the days of slaving away cutting potatoes into even chip shapes, when you can make a portion in just one push.

Buy Now: £19.98

Our Verdict

We love chips, and after reading this blog I am not sure I am going to be able to resist going to make some straight away. We hope you feel this way too, and are excited about the possibility of owning your own chip making machine. If we were looking to only buy one thing, it would definitely be the KitchenCraft Chipper, can you imagine just how much time that gadget will save you.

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