• Toby

The Best 6 Blenders for Summer 2020

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

With the summer here and the temperatures rising, blenders are a great way to keep you cool, fit and healthy! They are a versatile asset to any kitchen set up and can be used to make smoothies for on the go, milkshakes for evening treats and cocktails for the adults of the party. We've collated our favourite 6 so you buy the best! Enjoy!


By far one of the best brands out there for blenders, Nutribullet. You would've heard about Nutribullet, and if not then you're in for a surprise. This specific machine is Amazon's choice, and with good reason. This is one of the best machines available, and so quick to use. It's so powerful that it can handle pretty much anything, whether that be ice, frozen fruit or icecream!


- 8 piece kit, including 2 cups, 2 versatile lids, 1 extractor blade and a cookbook.

- Easy cleaning, the cups are also dishwasher safe

- 600W powerful blender, can easily crush ice or frozen fruit/veg

- Smart and sleek, does not take up much room on the kitchen side.

2. Breville Blend Active

Another great brand, which has created a compact blender, perfect for one person or a flat. This machine has a one-touch blending action that provides consistent results, and comes in green, blue, grey, black and pink! Overall, a perfect blender for the odd fresh fruit smoothie.


- 4 piece kit, including 2 large cups and lids, 1 extractor blade and a recipe cookbook.

- Easy cleaning, the cups and blade attachment are also dishwasher safe

- 300w motor that is capable of crushing ice and frozen fruits/veg

- Cheap but durable, with over 10,000 FIVE STAR review on Amazon

3. Amazon Blender

If you're looking for something more powerful without breaking the bank, check out this Amazon Blender. A High powered countertop blender with multiple settings, perfect for making any drink imaginable!


- Includes a blending pitcher, with 1.4kg capacity, great for family smoothies or even soups.

- 1200W high powered, but light blender, with non-slip suction feet, easily crushes through ice or pulses nuts.

- Multiple settings, including a variety of power settings, and pre-set functions including pulse, ice crush and smoothie.

- Easy cleaning with dishwasher safe parts.