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The Best Kitchen Bluetooth Speakers (2020)

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Kitchens are the hub of your home and it's likely you'll spend the most time there with your friends and family. A good speaker system is fundamental for any kitchen set up but there are so many to choose from. Read this review to explore our favourite 5 options.

1) Apple Homepod Multi-room Speaker

If you're an Apple fan then this is for you. Apple has created a beautifully designed, sleek and minimalist speaker. The speaker on the homepod is exceptional and worth every penny. Through its integration with Siri (AI assistant), anyone can change the song, ask the weather or set a time. If you purchase more than one they make a great surround sound, which automatically calibrates to suit your room. This product has Bluetooth and wifi and allows seamless integration with Spotify, Tunein and podcasts (to name a few). Albeit expensive, definitely worth it.

2) Sonos One

Sonos truly have pioneered home sound systems and mastered the technology. Their beautifully designed speaker provides crystal clear sound quality with rich bass for the whole room, or the whole house if you buy more than one. Their system connects to your wifi and is integrated and controlled through their 'Sonos' app. Through the app, you can control room pairings, song queues, radio stations and more. Their speakers are also integrated with Amazons virtual assistant, 'alexa'. Available on Prime in silver or black.

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3) Echo Studio

Another 'Alexa' integrated product, which despite its critics, provides powerful bass, dynamic midrange and crisp highs. All facilitated by Dolby Atmos technology. This product, like the homepod, adapts to your room and can improve the acoustics accordingly. As usual, this product has full voice control, however, this product has some cool features - such as the intercom feature. If you have Amazon Music, you can also listen to their 3D tracks, which are really cool! Lastly, if you have more smart devices, then this can control those too.

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4) JBL Flip Essential

JBL are also pioneers of sound and are a fantastic brand. They don't focus on the clever technology like the competitors above (such as virtual assistants) but more on affordability and sound quality. This product is a lot smaller than others and uses a 3000mAH rechargeable battery (12 hours of play) allowing this speaker to be used in the kitchen or on the go (such as picnics!) Their speaker uses Bluetooth so is therefore compatible with all devices and is fully waterproof, so if anything splashes onto the speaker, its fine. The product is available on Prime and lots of colours (Blue, Grey, Green, Red, Black, White, Camouflage, and Teal).

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5) Anker SoundCore

If you're looking to spend under 40 pounds, then Anker provides the best in this range. Their stereo sound system delivers fantastic clarity and zero distortion. This product is very robust because of the unibody design and is even 'drop-proof'. The speaker runs on batteries and lasts up to 24 hours, so you won't have to worry about charge. If you do crave Alexa but don't want to spend hundreds, then this anker can connect to alexa-enabled devices.

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Our Verdict

Like all things, budget will determine your outcome. If you want the best, Sonos is the way forward. If you want portability on a budget, Anker provides the best solution and if you want something in the middle, the Echo Studio is for you.

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