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The Best 4 Freestanding Microwaves for Cooking

Microwaves are essential in any household and they offer more than you might think. Whether you're preparing a ready meal, reheating leftovers, or warming up your now-cold drink. Perhaps you're a student, don't have an oven, or a busy person! Microwaves will help you out, and can definitely transform how you cook certain foods. Be warned, there are hundreds of microwaves out there, and we understand it can be daunting for some. If so, this blog will help you decide and choose the perfect one.

(Image Credit: Russell Hobbs)

1) Russell Hobbs RHFM2363B 23L Flatbed Digital 800w Solo Microwave Black

Russell Hobbs are masters at making kitchen appliances, and are renowned for being good quality and affordable. This Russell Hobbs microwave is exactly that!

This flash minimalist designed microwave has capacity of 23 litres and a wattage of 800, meaning it can handle most functions (including defrost). However, this machine doesn't have a grill or a turntable, but this does mean you can get more in.

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2) VYTRONIX VY-HMO800 Digital Microwave Oven 800W

Vytronix are a popular brand on Amazon in the kitchen world. Their products undercut competitors on prices, but still keep quality amazing. Note, the front is a mirror, not grey.

For example, this microwave is nearly half the price of other competitors, and still has a large power wattage (800) and all the relevant functions (auto defrost, 5 power levels, multi stage cooking, turnable etc). This product even has a safety lock for children!

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3) Toshiba Microwave MW2-AC25T(bk)

Yes, Toshiba make microwaves! And this product is very compelling for the price range. This four-in-one machine allows you to defrost, reheat, braise roast or bake.

Despite not as flashy as others, this product has slightly more power than others (950W) and a very powerful grill at 1150 Watts. The total capacity is 25l, so slightly bigger than previous, and has a turntable.

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4) Swan SM22036GRYN

Swan are a British brand which date back to the 1920s. A lot of their designs are a nod towards the 1950s vintage style, and are amazing on quality and innovation.

This specific microwave was chosen purely because of the Scandinavian design. We love the matt finish which will fit any dark kitchen, but don't worry if not, they also do pine green and cotton white.

These microwaves are relatively small, at 20L, but do include 6 power levels from the 800w motor.

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Our Verdict

Overall, most microwaves are the same. The power wattage doesn't make a massive difference. Be sure to look out for the capacity, and price, they're the most important we'd say! Overall, our favourite is the Russell Hobbs, purely based on the minimalist modern design, which will fit any kitchen.

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